Kindergarten is a critical school year when students first begin formalized education and start a fantastic adventure in learning! Every student is encouraged to be creative and discover the many joys that learning has to offer guided in accordance to the Florida Standards and dependent on support from families! In addition to the implementation of the Florida Standards, TRS kindergarten teachers work to develop classroom communities in which students feel safe and free to share thoughts and ideas. Teachers model and teach patience, fairness, determination, respect, and responsibility. Active student participation is promoted through whole group, small group, and individualized instruction. An emphasis on “hands on” learning helps encourage students to actively seek and discover knowledge about themselves and their world! Truly, kindergarten is a special and important year, full of laughter, discovery, and adventure!

Grade 1

Together we can build on your child's curiosity and enthusiasm to make this year a positive learning experience. With the support from home, we will provide a strong foundation for continual growth into the world of learning. As teachers, we realize each child is unique with different learning styles, interests, and levels of readiness. To accommodate each child's uniqueness, we will differentiate throughout the classroom to help all children be successful in first grade. Within the classroom environment, we stress rights and responsibilities, specifically, the right to learn and the right to learn and be safe. A positive feeling about one's self and a secure learning environment enable a child to take risks. This is the path that leads to exploration and discovery. Learning through discovery is more exciting, is more meaningful, and therefore remembered longer.

Grade 2

Second grade teachers understand that second graders bring individual needs, dreams, and potentials to the classroom. These mentors and coaches function always with the student in mind. Therefore, they make sure that the students learn what is genuinely of value in math, science, social studies, language arts, reading, and character education. The second grade teachers pique curiosity about what is to be explored, capture interests, and help students see that learning is inherently satisfying. Students are consistently helped to become more than they thought they could become through dedicated and worthwhile work. The question still remains – who is the teacher and who is the learner? In other words, each day the teachers are refashioned by their own students.  Because second grade teachers love what they do, they cultivate a passion for what they do and allow their students to shape them, reflect on, and learn from what they see.

Grade 3

"Third Grade"
Here in the third grade… yeah
We keep it tight… yeah
We do our best… yeah
To always do what’s right!
Shabooya - Sha – Sha – Shabooya
Third grade! 

What to look forward to in third grade:
• Multiplication
• Cursive handwriting
• Student Council Representative elections
• Playing recorders in music class
• Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) Reading & Math
• Service learning projects – craft show
• Planning your own science project

Ask former third graders “What’s Third Grade all about?” and they’ll tell you…
“I never dreamed I could write in cursive.”
“I never knew there was more than one way to solve a math problem.”
“Chapter books used to seem hard before, but now I love to read them.”
“I don’t get nervous for tests because I know I am prepared.”
“I loved being a STAR student in third grade.”
“I am a STAR in third grade when I let my love of learning shine.”
“Did you know a duck-billed platypus is a mammal?”
“Do you know the longest word in the world takes up an entire page in the dictionary? Thank you, Rotary, for providing us with this resource.”

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Third grade PBS expectations:
Be Respectful
~Talk to others calmly
~ Be kind to everyone
Be Responsible
~Do your best the first time around
~Do the right thing even when no one is watching
Be a Star
~ Let your love of learning shine

Grade 4

The fourth grade reading program incorporates materials from across the curriculum. With many varied materials, the fourth grade team teaches reading comprehension strategies and word decoding skills, as well as fosters a love of reading in each child. In addition, the reading program emphasizes those Florida Standards that will insure success on the fourth grade FSA. Fourth grade math at Taylor Ranch is hands-on. Students explore the standards using manipulatives and real life situations. Children predict and estimate, plan strategies, and solve problems. Looking at math from different points of view is essential to understanding math concepts and solving difficult problems. Taylor Ranch fourth graders learn that math is everywhere and essential. We also believe all children can learn and be successful in science. At TRS, children will develop knowledge and the use of tools through the scientific process. Science will be presented in a way that is understandable and interesting. Fourth grade social studies is all about the study of Florida. Students learn the history, culture, and government of our great Sunshine State! Writing is not just an art form, it is an essential form of communication. In fourth grade, we help children discover their voice as writers and develop a plan for communicating their ideas through writing in the most focused and interesting ways possible. Skills such as the use of similes, strong verbs, metaphors, and descriptive adjectives are just a few of the writing tools students develop for their writing arsenal. With skills in place, students mold and shape their writing to insure it has focus and is an interesting read for anyone who picks it up. The point of writing is to communicate ideas and emotions, and after fourth grade at Taylor Ranch, every student will be able to do a little of both.

Grade 5

Fifth grade is an exciting year for students at Taylor Ranch Elementary School. In addition to being the "big guys on campus," there are many events that make this year special as well. As if things aren't busy enough, students still maintain a high level of academic focus. They study our discovery of the New World, its founding, and growth in social studies. In math, students learn higher level problem-solving skills in geometry, algebra, measurement, data collection and analysis, plus much more. Our students read, read, read in fifth grade. Science is always a new discovery for our students. Our fifth graders are very busy with their studies and extracurricular experiences. As the "seniors" of Taylor Ranch, our students are involved in many activities which make them well-rounded and ready for middle school.


1/21/2019 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day - no school

1/21/2019 - Mileage Club

1/23/2019 - Mileage Club

1/23/2019 - DQ TRS Library fundraiser

1/25/2019 - Jog-a-thon

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