About Us

Oak Park School is the center school for special needs in the Sarasota County School District serving students from Pre K to age 22. Each student’s needs are met through an Individualized Education Program.

Small, nurturing classroom environments with highly trained staff support students academically and behaviorally to achieve their maximum potential.

Diverse specialized programs on campus include:
Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, vision therapy, hearing services, assistive and augmentive communication services, counseling services, adaptive physical education, music, art, horticulture, hippo therapy, aquatic therapy, scouts, vocational training both on and off campus, Job coaching services, OJT, Community Based Instruction, social skills training programs, behavior modification programs, nursing services

Oak Park School is divided into four academic teams.

The following descriptions of the Oak Park teams include only brief indicators of the parameters and services:
The ACTION Team: (Acceptance, Courage, Tolerance, Individuality, Opportunity, and Nurture) - is made up of students in grades K – 8 with emotional behavioral challenges receiving standard academic curriculum. A social skills curriculum is embedded throughout their day. The goal is to modify behaviors in order that students attain the skills necessary to return to their district school.

The Transition Team- is made up of students with intellectual disabilities in grades K – 12 plus who are working towards or have achieved a special diploma. Students work on functional life skills. Students may have multiple exceptionalities and are placed in structured, highly supervised classrooms where staff is trained to address specialized academic needs that can include specialized communication needs, behavioral needs, and or physical needs.

The Spectrum Team – is made up primarily of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder with intellectual disabilities in grades K – 12. Highly structured classrooms with visual supports address and monitor progress on communication and behavior needs.

The DAT Team- (Developmental Assistive Technology) - is made up of students with severe and profound intellectual disabilities in grades K – 12. Many students receive nursing services and require augmentive and assistive technology for communication in order to access the curriculum.