Name: Grace Watson 



Phone: 941-474-3247 | Fax: 941-474-0872 


Hello, everyone! My name is Grace Watson and I am a proud product of the Sarasota County school system! I was the sassy 4 year old who was bossing people around trying to "play teacher" even as a child. It has always been clear to me that teaching is my passion. I grew up in Venice and eventually went away to college at UCF (Go Golden Knights!) to study Elementary Education. I have been teaching in Sarasota County since 2011 and hope to continue teaching in this gorgeous county until I retire many, many years from now! 

My darling husband and I have one son and a second child on the way. We love to get out and expose our son to the beauties of the world as much we can!  We love living in Englewood where there is such a strong sense of community that we hope to instill in our own children as the years pass by. 



Kindergarten - Clem, Stephanie
Kindergarten - Cole, Liz
Kindergarten - Gravel, Nicole
Kindergarten - Malik, Meredith
Kindergarten - Mather, Fran
Kindergarten - Ridely, Courtney
1st Grade - Brooksheir, Jamie
1st Grade - Brown, Diane
1st Grade - Davis, Sarah
1st Grade - Ham, Stephanie
1st Grade - Hendricks, Kathy
1st Grade - Monda, Cathy
1st Grade - O'Connor, Theresa
2nd Grade - Sanchez, Mary
2nd Grade - Stiver, Hannah
2nd Grade - Rembisz, Katherine
2nd Grade - Rhoads, Callen
2nd Grade - Woike, Kim
3rd Grade - Baggett, Natalie
3rd Grade - Hanrahan, Lauren
3rd Grade - Miccio, Nicole
3rd Grade - Milliken, Amy
3rd Grade - Watson, Grace
4th Grade - Douglas, Kim
4th Grade - Tameris, Jessica
4th Grade - Peyton, Kristen
4th Grade - Ramirez, Corinne
4th Grade - Roberts, Kelly
4th Grade - Sciandra, Summer
5th Grade - Brooks, Jolene
5th Grade - Conway, Elise
5th Grade - Dowd, Karen
5th Grade - Maitland-Shank, Kristen
5th Grade - Smith, Anne
Assistant Principal - Ziarnicki, Ellen
Custodian - Roy, Randy
Custodian, Head - Pelowski, Doug
Office Receptionist - Massing, Marsha
ESE Aide - Christensen, Lori
ESE Aide - Garvin, Sherree
ESE Liaison Resource - Lugar, Pamela
ESE Resource - Avola, Samantha
ESE Teacher - Kirby, Jason
ESE Teacher - VanDyke, Kyle
ESOL Liaison Paraprofessional - Nicipurenko, Claudia
Food Service Manager - Rodriquez-Baez, Lourdes
Food Service - Lewis, Daisy
Food Service - Reinoso, Rita
Food Service - Strates, Linda
Food Service - Zucchero, Karen
Media Aide - Brewer, Vicki
Monitorial Aide - Couture, Lindy
Monitorial Aide - Rojas, Michelle
Monitorial Aide - Slonina, Heather
Occupational Therapist - Chynoweth, Susan
Office Administrative Assistant - Onken, Stacy
Office Bookkeeper - Browder, Michelle
Office Clinic Aide - Kinkade, Debra
Office Registrar - Mason, Kathy
Principal - Grossenbacher, Mark
School Psychologist - Brasco, Marla
School Social Worker - Gozder, Deana
Specials Art - Hinck, Dawn
Specials Music - Buckstein, Tricia
Specials Guidance - Shaer, Penny
Specials PE Aide - Sills, Rik
Specials PE - Cole, Dan
Specials, Science - Baker, Rachel
Speech - Gersen, Robin
Tech Support - Silverman, Jeri

1/29/2019 - All Pro Dads

1/31/2019 - Reading Celebration

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