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    To request textbooks for the Dual Enrollment Course not being conducted on a high school campus, please follow the steps below:

    1. Please read the most recent version of the "Dual Enrollment Textbook Procedures" by clicking on the link
    Dual Enrollment Textbook Procedures - Spring 2021 Link
    2. Complete the Dual Enrollment Textbook Request form by visiting
    3. Log in using your district N# and Pin#
    4. Click on the "Productivity" Link at the bottom of the page
    5. Click on the "Dual Enrollment Textbook request" tile
    6. Read and complete the form in its entirety

    Submitting this form does not constitute an order for textbooks but rather a request for textbooks needed for Dual Enrollment classes.

    Students must complete all necessary enrollment paperwork and be officially accepted into the college before any textbooks can actually be ordered from the SCF Store

    If you have questions about the Dual Enrollment Program please contact your high school counselor

    **By submitting the Dual Enrollment Textbook Request Form you agree to all the terms and conditions contained within both the form itself and the Dual Enrollment Textbook Procedures**

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