Tuition & Fees

Adult Career & Technical Education (CTE)

  • Adult, Career and Technical Programs are supported by the Workforce Education Fund of Florida. Tuition-based fees are authorized, established, and required by the Florida State Legislature. Lab and other local fees are authorized by state statute and approved by the School Board of Sarasota County.

    Adult, Career and Technical Program costs may include tuition-related and lab fees based upon: program length; process and registration fees; textbooks; supplies; uniforms; locker rentals; internet fees; and parking permits. Fees vary and are subject to change by the Department of Education and the School Board. Legislature sets fees each fiscal year that are implemented on July 1. If a student's enrollment continues from one school year to the next, fees will change accordingly.

    *NOTE: STC's Adult, Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program costs are listed as 'ALL-INCLUSIVE' Estimations and are SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Click here to view.

    Program Fees for the 2023-2024 school year TBD. 2022-2023 rates are shown below.

Resident Rates

  • *NOTE: Non-refundable lab & other fees are determined by program.

Non-Resident Rates

Non-Resident Rates
  • *NOTE: Non-refundable lab & other fees are determined by program.

  • A statement of financial obligation for the desired program will be provided to each applicant in Student Services during the admissions process. The fee payment schedule varies by program and date of enrollment. Students are responsible for paying fees, unless fees will be paid by an agency or financial aid awards.

    Payment of adult student fees is due prior to the first day of class. A student who does not complete payment by the fifth day of the class, and who has not made arrangements with Administration and who is not sponsored by an agency or deferred by the Financial Aid Office, will be administratively withdrawn from the program. In order to re-enroll, clearance by the Bookkeeping Office is required. Payment may be cash, check, or credit card, and may be made in person, or by mail. A handling fee of $30.00 is charged for returned checks. Payment locations are:

    • STC Sarasota (Main) Campus: 941-924-1365
    • STC North Port Branch: 941-257-2252

    Students who remain enrolled beyond the normal program length will be charged accordingly.

    Non-residents of Florida are required to pay an out-of-state fee to cover the full cost of instruction, as determined by the Legislature of the State of Florida.

    Students approved for grants and scholarships are expected to apply these funds toward the payment of program fees. Students are responsible for any balance after approved financial aid has been credited to their account.