About Us


    The vision of Fruitville School is that all students will achieve at their maximum potential, love learning, feel valued as individuals, and develop healthy self-esteem and good citizenship. We also want parents and community members to feel welcome and to be an integral part of the learning environment.

    The mission of Fruitville School is to prepare students to achieve the highest learning standards by engaging and supporting an enthusiastic and empathetic high quality staff that tries to meet the needs of each individual child, by involving parents as partners in their children's educations,and by working collaboratively with the community.


    The new Parent Resource Room is a central location in the Media Center where parents can come for support with social services, health issues and ESOL support. The Social Worker will be available on Fridays from 8-9, the County Health Nurse on Thursdays from 8-9, and the ESOL (bilingual support) on Wednesdays from 8-8:45. There is a beautiful posting board available to post for a variety of goods.


    PTA Meetings and Scheduled Events - Fruitville Elementary School has an active and dedicated Parent Teacher Organization. It provides support through volunteer programs throughout the school plus it provides much needed resources through its fundraising activities. Please consider becoming a volunteer.You can register online from the PALS computer located in the main office. Remember, all visitors to Fruitville must sign in in the office and receive a volunteer badge.


    Fruitville Elementary School traces its roots to a 19th century one-room schoolhouse. When Florida pioneers and newlyweds Charles Reaves and Martha Tatum Reaves settled in the area in 1875, there was no local school. As their children grew, the couple was determined to create a place in the community to educate them. In 1887, Charles and Martha converted their farm's corncrib to a school for their three children and seven neighbors.

    Much has changed since the school's modest beginnings, but one thing remains the same. Just as early settlers were determined to establish a school for their community in the 1880's, the members of today's Fruitville Elementary School family are dedicated to helping children explore, discover and learn.