Sarasota High School

  • 2155 Bahia Vista Street, Sarasota, FL 34239
    (941) 955-0181 • Fax (941) 361-6630
    ACT/College Board Code 101585 

    Mission Statement

    Sarasota High School collaboratively engages students and staff in a culture of learning to ensure high student achievement for all students.


    Sarasota High School will be a high-functioning professional learning community that will graduate all students career and college ready, prepared to contribute to their community.


    Ryan Chase, Principal

    Lindsay Gallof,  Asst. Principal--Curriculum

    Robin Livingston, Asst. Principal--Administration

    Sean Donovan, Asst. Principal

    Holly Hultgren, Asst. Principal 

    Jason Jackson, Asst. Principal  

    Alana Pietranton, Asst. Principal



     Dana Albanese, Guidance Department Chair 
    Student Assignment: AICE, Grades 9th and 12th 

    Lauren Taylor, Counselor
    Student Assignment: A-F

    Kim Dwyer, Counselor
    Student Assignment: G-M

    Cindy Rasmussen, Counselor
    Student Assignment: N-Z

    Star Conti, Counselor
    Student Assignment: AICE, Grades 10th and 11th

    Caitlin MacLeod, ESE Counselor
    Student Assignment: ESE 9th-12th


    Cheryl Haller, College & Career Advisor
    Leslee Odel, College & Career Advisor
    Francisca Ruiz-Tagle, College & Career Advisor
    Jeffi Westberry
    , At-Risk Coordinator


    At a Glance

    School Enrollment



    Southern Association of Schools and Colleges

    Grade Scale

    A 90 – 100
    B 80 – 89
    C 70 – 79
    D 60 – 69
    F Below 60

    Class Rank

    • Cumulative from Grade 9
    • Determined by final yearly grades
    • Weighted five point system
    • Unweighted four point system


  • We are Sarasota! 

    We expect success

    We create the environment
    that breeds success

    We put forth the effort
    to ensure that success happens!

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  • University of Cambridge AICE school

  • College-Level Course Offerings, Preparation, and Scholarships

  • Career and Technical Education Programs

  • Arts at Sarasota High School

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Course Offerings - Weighted

  • Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE)

    Language Arts: General Paper, English Language (AS and A), English Literature (AS)
    Math: Pure Mathematics
    Science: Biology (AS and A), Chemistry, Environmental Management, Marine Science (AS and A), Physics (AS)
    Social Studies: US History, Global Perspectives, Psychology, Sociology
    Electives: Spanish Language, Thinking Skills, Art & Design (AS and A), Digital Media & Design (AS & A)

    College Board Advanced Placement

    Mathematics: AB Calculus
    Social Studies: US Government and Economics
    Capstone: AP Seminar and Research

    Honors Courses

    Language Arts: Pre AICE English, English III & IV, Debate V, VI, VII & VIII, Journalism V & VI    
    Spanish: Spanish III, IV
    Mathematics: Pre AICE Math I, II, III, Algebra 2 Honors, Pre-Calculus
    Science: Pre AICE Biology, Pre AICE Chemistry, Pre AICE Physics, Anatomy, Physical Science
    Social Sciences: American Government, Economics, US History, World History
    Electives: PRE AICE Spanish I, II, III, Research III, IV, V, Pre-AICE Photo/Animation, and Pre-AICE Art & Design