• Attendance

    SPORTING EVENT AND VACATION ABSENCES: In order for these events to be excused you must fill out a pre-arranged absence form. The student will take the pre-arranged absence form to all of their teachers and then an administrator must sign the form before the date of absence. If this process is not followed the absence will remain unexcused. Pre-Arranged Absence Form

    *When sending in an absence excuse note, please include the student’s full name, the date(s) they were absent and the reason why they were absent.  You may also send an excuse note via email at 0031-attendance@sarasotacountyschools.net *

    The Attendance Policy is listed below, which can also be found in the Student Handbook.

    VACATIONS are not excused unless PRE-approved using a fully completed Pre-Arranged Absence Form found under the Resources Tab or in the front office.

    Regular and punctual attendance is vitally important to a student’s success in school. Florida State Law requires regular school attendance, and it is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that their child attends school daily. It is recognized that there are times when absences are unavoidable.

    → Parent/guardians need to provide written explanation within 3 days of the absence.

    The principal or designee has the authority, within guidelines from the law, to determine if the absence is excused. The school will attempt to reach the parent by the home, work, cell, or emergency telephone number. In cases of excessive excused absences for illness, a parent may be asked to provide documentation from a physician.

    → Absences for vacation must be given prior approval from an administrator and the student must make arrangements for completion of work prior to the absence.

    Parents will be notified of unexcused or unexplained absences and may monitor daily tardy/attendance through the Parent Portal. If a pattern of non-attendance develops, parents will be asked to conference with school staff and participate in efforts to remediate the situation. If unexcused absences continue, truancy procedures will be initiated. Students who accumulate 5 or more absences per term may receive a district letter notifying the parent of the absences.

    School Tardy-Students must report to the attendance office upon arrival and obtain a pass. A parent note is required to excuse a late student due to illness or urgent family matters. Excessive tardies to school may require documentation from a physician.

    → Early dismissal requires a passport. Students must take a note signed by their parent to the front office BEFORE school to receive a passport to leave school at the appointed time. Parents must meet and sign out their child in the front office.  Please remember to bring your Driver’s License with you for identification.

    Students are permitted to leave school only with authorized persons as identified on the Student Registration Form. Changes to the pickup list will require parents to come to school and amend the authorized persons list by filling out a Student Re-Registration Form with the updated authorized pickup person. According to policy, only persons aged 18 and older who are authorized to pick-up may transport SMS students.

    Class Tardy-Students are expected to report to all classes on time. Students who are tardy to a class miss vital instruction and disrupt the learning environment. Tardies may result in a Notice of Concern (NOC). SMS teachers are to follow the Tardy Policy for students who are tardy to their specific course and periods. The Tardy Policy is followed by grading quarter. First Offense: Warning, marked in the Attendance System. Second Offense: Final warning, marked in the Attendance System Third Offense: Marked in the Attendance system, student receives a NOC with next NOC checked to indicate a lunch detention will be assigned for future infractions. Parent Contacted by teacher. Fourth Offense: Marked in the Attendance system, student receives a NOC with 1 day of lunch detention. Parent Contacted by teacher. Fifth Offense: Marked in the Attendance system, student receives a NOC with 2 days of lunch detention. Parent Contacted by teacher to schedule a parent conference. Referral to counselor for support. Sixth Offense: Referral made to SWST to address tardy concerns.

    Make-up Work-Parents are encouraged to get student assignments from the teacher and teacher Blackboard websites. Students are allowed time equal to the number of excused days absent to complete make-up work. Students are expected to communicate with teacher to confirm due dates for assignments when absent.