• About Garden Elementary

    School Vision
    The Garden Elementary community is dedicated to providing a supportive environment where all children have the opportunity to achieve their highest potential.

    School Mission
    The mission of the Garden Elementary community is to provide students with meaningful learning experiences through the use of individualized instruction, technology, collaborative learning, and community involvement. Student success will be measured by ongoing assessment. Garden's mission will be accomplished through the collaboration of students, staff, and parents.


    Garden Grows Character
    Garden Grows Character is our school-wide character education program. Eight character traits (August/September – Responsibility, October – Friendship, November/December – Caring, January – Respect, February – Honesty, March – Courtesy, April – Courage, May – gratitude) are presented and integrated throughout the curriculum. Each month, Garden’s School Counselor, Our School Councilor introduces the traits during the student-run news program (KNN).

    Teachers watch for students who exemplify the monthly character trait. At the end of the month, each teacher chooses a homeroom student to invite to the Character Education Celebration. Parents/Guardians of the students are also invited. At the assembly, children are honored by hearing the reasons why they were chosen. Students also receive a certificate, homework pass, pencil, bumper sticker.

    The entire staff believes that all students should have the opportunity to feel successful at Garden Elementary School. They look for everyday examples of students making good choices.  

     Reading Counts
    Garden uses the  Reading Counts programs to motivate students to discover the wonders and joys of reading. Students are rewarded with points based on the difficulty of the book and their level of success when testing. Our networked computers are constantly humming with students taking  "RC" quizzes and advancing their reading skills. Students accumulate points to earn a gator for our "swamp". Different colored gators represent different point levels. Reading Counts Book Expert

    Garden’s award-winning KNN (Kid’s News Network) allows 5 th grade students to utilize high-end telecast technology to communicate daily information to the school’s staff and students. The KNN broadcast includes regular features such as the lunch menu, birthdays, weather, and character word quotes. It also includes special features such as the weekly vocabulary quiz contest, the Science question, and occasional guest appearances by our Principal, Guidance Counselor and Birthday Book Club participants. All members of the KNN crew work both in front of the cameras and behind the scenes, learning editing, audio mixing, filming, and public speaking skills. Mrs. Rorn Morris and Mrs. Lisa Saul oversee the daily responsibility of producing a live broadcast that helps serve the needs of the staff and students at Garden Elementary.

    Media Center
    The hub of our school is Garden’s state-of-the-art media center. It is located in the center of the school where over 14,000 informational resources are housed. Mrs. Morris assists our students and staff in the open media center that is buzzing every day with book circulation and research. Students can even access Selby Public Library from the electronic card catalog. A special “Parent Resource” library is also available. The media sponsors the Box Tops For Education program that provides additional equipment such as reading material, digital programs, etc. for our classrooms. Keep those box tops coming in! If you ever visit our school, you won’t want to leave without a visit to Garden’s brand new media center.

    Student Council
    The Student Council at Garden Elementary School prides itself on providing services to the students of Garden Elementary and our surrounding community. Council members participate in projects within the community and the school such as" Hugs and Kisses, the Great American Clean-Up, Holiday Food Drive, Red Ribbon Week, Letter Carrier food drive, hurricane relief projects, Spirit Week, and much more. Two students from each fourth and fifth-grade class are chosen to represent their peers and attend meetings twice a month. Student Council students show that they care about the community and their peers!

    Safety Patrols
    Garden Elementary is proud to have a quality group of 5th-grade students as members of our school’s Safety Patrol. The purpose of the patrol is to help keep our campus safe by preventing accidents from occurring and to develop leadership qualities in our members. Membership in the Safety Patrol is an honor! Students are chosen based on their character and academic record. Patrols develop responsibility, an attention to duty, alertness, dependability, and a sense of social obligation. In addition to protecting the school, the benefits of having a School Safety Patrol range from leadership development and other aspects of personal growth to developing an appreciation of service for others and the desire to build a safer world for tomorrow.