• About Lamarque

    Lamarque receives Five Star Award 
    The Five Star Award honors schools with exemplary programs that fully integrate comprehensive community involvement toward student achievement through community and business partnerships, family involvement, volunteerism, student community service efforts and initiatives of the school’s advisory council, which is made up of parents and other community members as well as school staff.

    In addition to recognizing outstanding schools, the Five Star Award also serves as an assessment tool for schools to measure the success of their programs and identifies schools with programs that serve as models for other schools.  To qualify for this award, a school must first have a “C” grade or above and meet Golden School Award eligibility requirements. 

    Our Vision

    The vision of Lamarque Elementary School is to embrace a community of learners that promotes pride and respect for others, celebrates individual differences, challenges students and fosters life-long learning for success in the real world.

    Our Mission

    The mission of Lamarque Elementary School is to prepare students to achieve the highest learning standards by providing a challenging curriculum that meets individual student needs and promotes active learning in a technology-rich and collaborative environment.

    Our Expectations
    Lamarque students are expected to:
    • Be respectful, responsible and safe.
    • Attend school in school uniform.
    • Arrive on time, prepared to learn.
    • Cooperate and complete work.
    • Be honest and use kind words.
    • Follow school rules and dress code.
    • Take care of school property.

    Lamarque parents/guardians are expected to:
    • Send children to school fed, rested, in school uniform, ready to learn and on time.
    • Get involved in school activities.
    • Communicate with school personnel and attend scheduled conferences.
    • Follow school rules.
    • Reinforce that everyone is accountable for his/her actions.
    • Be an active participant in my child's learning.
    • Be a positive role model to my child.
    • Gather information from all sources for effective decision-making concerning my child's education.

    Lamarque faculty and staff members are expected to:
    • Monitor students' behavior, creating a positive, safe, caring and cooperative environment.
    • Know and use techniques and materials that work best for each student.
    • Provide a quality instructional program in a positive setting for each student.
    • Display school and classroom rules and expectations.
    • Assist families in helping their children develop self-discipline, self-respect, and self-confidence.
    • Work with and support others.
    • Communicate with families.
    • Provide for individual differences.
    • Follow all curriculum guidelines.

    Lamarque administrators are expected to:
    • Be consistent and thorough.
    • Communicate with families, staff and community members.
    • Provide a safe environment.
    • Be strong instructional leaders.
    • Promote teacher and student creativity.
    • Encourage community support and participation.

    Our School Colors
    Our school colors are Navy and Gold, we wear them proudly!  
    Our School Motto
    We always start our day the Lamarque way . . . with Pride, Purpose, and Performance.
    Our School Mascot
    Be on the lookout for our King, our Lion mascot. He is the King of Learning and a very special member of our Lamarque family.
    Our School Song 
    Lamarque, Lamarque, Lamarque Elementary, 
    Lamarque, Lamarque, Lamarque is the place to be.
    We work, we play, we're building our community, 
    Lamarque Elementary!

    Pride, Purpose, Performance is our plan.
    We're going to shout it all over the land. 
    Pride, Purpose, Performance is the way. 
    The teachers, staff, and students are working every day. 
    Pride, Purpose, Performance is the key.
    And reaching excellence begins with me! 

    Lamarque, Lamarque, Lamarque Elementary, 
    Lamarque, Lamarque, Lamarque is the place to be. 
    We work, we play, we're building our community. 
    Lamarque Elementary, Lamarque Elementary, Lamarque Elementary!