• Thank you for your continued support of Southside Elementary School and this vital program
    for the 2018-19 school year.  Because of this valuable program, we have been able to sponsor many school initiatives that benefit our students, teachers, and staff! The Southside Supporters program is structured in five ways: Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and  Bronze. An Overview of each level is described in the attached form.  Additionally, please fill out the Team 
    Up form on the Resources page that we must keep on file with Sarasota County Schools.

    Should you have any questions regarding this program, please reach out to us directly:

    Warmest Regards,


    Nikki, Rae, Jaime

    Please fill out the two forms and return them at your earliest convenience to:
    southsideopportunitiestogive@gmail.com or to the Southside main office at
    1901 Webber Street, Sarasota, FL 34239.


    • Moricz and Varone Orthodontics
    • Si McAninch, Pediatric Dentist
    • Jodat Law Group
    • Law Office of Andrew Rosin
    • Rich Walters
    • Stephen and Melissa Long
    • Freeman Orthodontics
    • Sara and Nick Ferguson
    • Michael and Jennifer Infanti
    • Jonathon and Hilary Yunis / Center for Hernia Repair
    • The Fineman Family
    • Ali and Stephen Jaynes
    • The Ackerman Family
    • Jidane Ghamra
    • Stage Door Studios
    • The Stroud Family
    • West Coast Wellness and Family Medicine
    • RE/Max Alliance Group
    • New Happy Nails
    • Matt and Sarah Brittain
    • Paradise Dermatology
    • Dance Floor, Inc
    • The Esper Family
    • Kim and EJ Ledesma
    • Renzo and Ivana Lucic
    • Tonya Ramos
    • The Tentler Family
    • The Checcone Family
    • Charlotte Osterman
    • Brad and Colleen Shoemaker
    • June Simmons Jewelry
    • Reuter Family
    • Mantra Fitness
    • ThaVma Yoga
    • FC Sarasota
    • Trautwein's ATA Martial Arts
    • Exit Art
    • Keity Mitchell Photography
    • Gulf Coast Family Living Magazine