• About Tuttle

    Tuttle Elementary School is a Title I School that offers a high-quality education for all students. Schools are designated to be eligible for Title I supplemental funds when a large percentage of students qualify for free and/or reduced lunch based on certain financial eligibility criteria.

    At Tuttle Elementary, we place a great deal of emphasis on the following:

    ReadingStudents enjoy the wonderful world of reading through our core curriculum, classroom libraries, weekly readers including the National Geographic, Time for Kids, and Scholastic News Magazines, as well as, "Just Right Books" selected from our media center. We want students to not only develop a love for reading but to understand what they have read by having rich discussions about their reading. 

    MathWe start by encouraging each student to master mathematics fluency goals at each grade level.  Memorizing math facts helps students solve complex mathematics problems more easily and helps them concentrate their thinking on problem-solving skills and real-life applications.

    Writing - Students learn how to write lively, engaging, and focused writing. Our writers are taught how to capture their audience by including drama, suspense, humor, or fantasy.  In other words, how to make their writing fun and creative. 

    Science -  Science lessons are designed to include hands-on learning activities to stimulate learning through inquiry.  This includes teaching the scientific method to explore observations and answer questions and to examine cause and effect relationships in nature.

    Citizenship - Developing and maintaining positive relationships between students and teachers is valued as much as achieving academic success.  At Tuttle Elementary School, we embrace and celebrate diversity, while treating everyone with respect and dignity. Our goal is to prepare our students with social skills and a work ethic to ensure a productive and positive future.