• About Venice Elementary

    Venice Elementary School first opened its doors in October of 1953. Since that time, Venice Elementary has a proud history of service to the community of Venice.

    Located on the Island of Venice next to Venice High School, VES serves approximately 575 students in grades K through 5. Venice Elementary is a magnet school for students identified as gifted, offering full-time, placement in our gifted education (Q.U.E.S.T. Program) with certified teachers. VES is also proud to provide a continuum of Exceptional Student Education services, including full inclusion classrooms in grades K-5, as well as intensive services for students in need of an access curriculum program.

    In addition to instruction using the Sarasota County Curriculum, VES students attend weekly classes in a state of the art Science Lab, and we are also pleased to offer Spanish instruction for all students. Additionally, our students are instructed in Physical Education, Art, and Music on a regular basis. Furthermore, all students have access to individual learning lessons in Reading and Mathematics through our iReady diagnostic and instructional program.

    VES is proud to be a uniform school. School uniforms are required on Monday through Thursday, with Friday being a free choice day.

    In a unique partnership, VES and VHS work together to provide volunteer opportunities for high school students in our elementary classrooms. On a daily basis, many high school students work in a variety of classrooms as tutors, mentors, and teacher helpers. VES is very fortunate for our partnership with VHS.

    VES offers many family engagement opportunities through classroom volunteers and various special events. Please see our school calendar for the exact dates and times of our upcoming events. If you wish to be a volunteer at VES, please complete the volunteer application in the school office or by following this link (https://www.sarasotacountyschools.net/Page/1369)

    VES has a tremendous Parent Teacher Organization. If you are interested in learning more about our phenomenal PTO, please visit their page on our website by clicking here.

    In addition to the great work of our teachers and instructional support staff, the VES Custodial Staff has earned the distinct honor of receiving the Platinum Glove Award, which is presented annually to the cleanest school in Sarasota County.


    Venice Elementary desires to be a caring and compassionate school in which all staff is given professional respect, participatory management and a wealth of teaching resources. In such an environment, Venice Elementary will produce students who possess the knowledge and can utilize that knowledge when interacting with others. We believe in the ability of all students and envision no achievement gap between any student groups. We desire to provide an environment for our students in which they may effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas to others and learn from one another. Venice Elementary desires to prepare our students to be healthy individuals academically, artistically, physically and emotionally so that they may be successful participants in our society.


    Every child... every day... whatever it takes.


    As part of the Venice Elementary School Positive Behavior System, students are expected to uphold five core beliefs. These beliefs are recognized at school by earning Indian Feathers.  Our staff are encouraged to reward students who are role models of these expectations.  Our students keep their ARROW on target by being...