• About Ashton Elementary Award Winning School

    Ashton Elementary is proud to represent the schools in Sarasota County and across Florida as a "State Recognized Model School" as noted by the Florida School Report, as well as a 5 Star, "A" rated school of Academic Excellence! These distinguished achievements are a tribute to the incredible partnership that exists at Ashton between the Staff, Students, Parents and School Business Community.  Together, everyone owns and celebrates the school's continued success. 

    At Ashton We 


    The Mission of Ashton Elementary is to help ALL students become productive citizens through staff, student, parent and community involvement.

    We believe that each child is entitled to reach his/her fullest potential.  We commit ourselves to develop and maintaining a school environment that encourages this growth.

    Experience Excellence First Hand
    Please call and/or come by at your convenience to arrange a personalized visit to our school.

    We are extremely proud of the many outstanding instructional programs, practices and enrichment opportunities that are available to help EVERY child experience SUCCESS!!!!

    Below are just a few other highlights that Parents & Staff praise about Ashton:

    At Ashton, it's a Family
    Meaningful Parental Involvement
    Commitment to Excellence & Achievement
    Level of Professionalism
    Sharing & Collaboration
    The Technology - Specials Opportunities - State of the Art Facilities
    TRUE Teamwork & School Spirit
    Community of Caring