• Welcome to the Planning Department

    Our office strives to ensure that the school district's facilities provide superior working and learning environments for staff and students. Our primary goals include:

    • Determining the program and ultimate capacities of all schools 
    • Updating the Facility Lists and Educational Specifications at all levels 
    • Keeping abreast of all residential development and housing trends 
    • Collaborating with all local governments on siting of future schools and ensuring adequate infrastructure for new and existing schools
    • Projecting classroom needs for the next 5-, 10-, and 20-year periods
    • Completing all necessary reports for the Florida DOE 

    What We Do

    Capital Planning

    • Develop and distribute Capital Improvement Plan [CIP]
    • Develop a yearly cycle for CIP completion
    • Facilitate/assist studies of priority facility situations
    • Facilitate Facility Strategy Team
    • Facilitate Small Projects team
    • Help complete the DOE Five-Year Work Plan
    • Track all changes to school site plans
    • Participate in all redistricting & choice-seat determinations
    • Participate in district and school projection determinations
    • Develop Class Size Reduction Impacts
    • Develop a capacity policy for Board

    School Concurrency

    • Update Concurrency Service Areas
    • Facilitate adoption of revised Interlocal Agreement [ILA] and Comp Plan Amendments by county and municipalities
    • Manage the ILA Oversight Committee
    • Develop and implement a school concurrency management system

    Revenue Enhancements

    • Manage the impact fee study
    • Facilitate impact fee update through the School Board and County Commission
    • Work with all local governments on infrastructure impacts of new/expanded schools

    Optimal School Design

    • Develop and adopt Educational Specifications

    Impact of Residential Development

    • Track all applications and approved residential developments
    • Respond to all Comp Plan Amendments, Rezone Petitions, and Site Plan reviews
    • Represent district on all Local Planning Agencies