• In the Sarasota County School District, teachers and administrators begin in elementary school to prepare students for higher education and the 21st-century workforce.  

    The district’s youngest students are “digital natives” — familiar with and comfortable around technological devices. In classrooms, there is one computer for every two students. An online learning management system provides students with instant access to class assignments and course materials.   

    Interactive displays in every classroom and a “bring your own device” policy gives students a wide range of options for learning the way they know best.  

    Through a partnership with the Gulf Coast Community Foundation, all middle schools feature TechActive Classrooms of Tomorrow with STEMsmart technology (science, technology, engineering, and math). Tables set up for small groups of students encourage student collaboration, reflecting today’s workplace.    

    TEL (Technology-Enhanced Learning) studios in high schools continue this theme and prepare students for the next chapter of their lives — whether they will enroll in college or launch their career.    

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