School Improvement

The Research and Assessment Department is responsible for ensuring that each school in the district submit a School Improvement Plan (SIP) on an annual basis.  The Department lists the members of each school's School Advisory Committee (SAC).  Minutes from SAC meetings are also posted on this website. 

    Research, Assessment & Evaluation/School Improvement 
    Division of Integrated Instructional Services

    Dr. Denise Cantalupo, Director  

    Kelli Anderson, Administrative Assistant to Dr. Denise Cantalupo 
    Research, Assessment & Evaluation
    Phone: 941-927-9000, ext. 32257

    George Goodfellow, Senior Statistical Data Analyst

    Assessment & Accountability

    School Improvement
    Dr. Denise Cantalupo, Director

    Staff Listing

    1/22/2019 - North County School Showcase

    1/23/2019 - South County School Showcase

    1/24/2019 - 2019 STEMsmart Student Summit

    1/24/2019 - Woodland Middle Open House Showcase Stream Carnival

    1/24/2019 - Sarasota Middle School Open House Showcase

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