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Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resource System

The Role of Human Resource and Development

  • Identifies and helps meet individual personnel development needs with the service area.
  • Provides information about training, resources, and promising practices that respond to personnel development needs.
  • Provides multilevel training designed to meet the specific needs of individual school districts.
  • Assists in the development and delivery of educational services to support the initiatives of the Florida Department of Education's Bureau of Instructional Support and Community Services.
  • Makes available information, training, equipment, and other resources that support the attainment of state and school district goals.

Resources -


Accommodations and Modifications At a Glance
This site provides families with an overview of accommodations and modifications that may be part of their child's Individualized Education Plan (IEP). A variety of examples of various accommodations and modifications for students are explained.


Florida Center for Reading Research
To provide technical assistance to Florida's schools and to the State Department of Education for the improvement of literacy outcomes in students from pre-K through 12th grade and to disseminate information about research-based practices related to literacy instruction and assessment for children in pre-school through 12th grade.

Reading Rockets
The Reading Rockets site is centered around teaching kids to read and helping those who struggle. Here you can find out more about the Common Core State Standards and how they will shift English Language Arts teaching and learning. You will also find links to classroom and professional development resources for K–3 teachers. Parent information about what they need to know to support their children is also provided on this site.


Algebra Help

Lessons, worksheets and calculators are available here to assist both students and teachers.
Math Playground

A fun math practice site for students grades 1-6 with geometry and algebra games.
Math Problem Helper

Are you stuck on a math problem? Click above to get support for those problems that boggle your mind.
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Find every possible manipulative to help students understand math. Resources are provided for students in grades Pre-K through 12.
Math Practice Pre-K -Geometry

Practice and support with reports teachers can use to track student progress is available by clicking on the link above.


Science A-Z
Science A–Z is a dynamic website offering a customizable collection of downloadable lessons and materials in four scientific domains: life, earth, physical, and process science. These resources are organized into units and individual materials to supplement your current curriculum. To meet the varying needs and abilities of students, each unit is aimed at the grade range at which the topic is taught in most states—either K–2, 3–4, or 5–6. Materials within each unit are provided at three developmental reading levels: low , middle, and high. The K–2 units include a fourth level of science resource for emerging readers. We have a total of ten reading levels across the three developmental stages, K–2, 3–4 and 5–6.

Edheads is an online educational resource that provides free science and math games and activities that promote critical thinking. Choose from Simple Machines, Virtual Knee Surgery or Stem Cell Heart Repair, among others. All activities meet state and national standards.

Enchanted Learning Science Dictionary
Illustrated science disctionaries for early learning.

Science in the Home
A pdf resource for parents on helping children learn science.

Steps of the Scientific Method
Looking for inspiration for a science fair project? In need of fun, at-home science experiments? Science Buddies has over 1,000 Project Ideas in all areas of science.

A simple compare and contrast pdf form to support scientific thinking.

M&M Survival Challenge
A simple and fun experiment that demonstrates the concept of camouflage and the “survival of the fittest”.

Physical Science
Motion Basics

An overview of the basics of motion - don’t forget that students can use text-to-speech tools to hear this content read aloud.
How Stuff Works

Targets acoustics, energy, forensic science, nuclear science, optics, and physics.
Soda Play

A collection of applets for building online working models with motion based on the control of friction, gravity, and muscle energy.
Life Science
DNA Interactive

Lesson plans and classroom activities with free registration for teachers.
Earth & Space Science
Why Earth Science

A pdf resource on why earth science is important.

A highly interactive resource on environment health concerns and toxic chemicals found in everyday life.

Windows to the Universe
Content lessons on our planet, solar system, and the universe. Each lesson is available in 3 different reading levels and in English or Spanish.

Starry Night
An extremely realistic astronomy simulation software with activities for K-12.

A free planetarium for the computer.

WorldWide Telescope
A Microsoft project that uses telescopic imagery to put the universe at your fingertips.

Virtual Labs / Simulations

Virtual Chemistry Lab
Select from hundreds of standard reagents and manipulate them just like in a real lab.

NOVA Interactives
A wide variety of online interactive activities that can be used to demonstrate principles in the areas of space science, earth science, technology, and other areas of interest.

Virtual frog dissection software with an online interactive demo .

Edheads is an online educational resource that provides free science and math games and activities that promote critical thinking. Choose from Simple Machines, Virtual Knee Surgery or Stem Cell Heart Repair, among others. All activities meet state and national standards and include interactive activities such as weather interactions - be your own weatherman.

Virtual Chemistry
A comprehensive chemistry website from the University of Oxford. LiveChem is an interactive chemistry experiment, where users choose items to mix, and videos display the reaction .

Interactive Periodic Table
A periodic table with picture representation for each element (when available).

Intructional Strategies

Differentiated Instruction

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