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The Role of Child Find:

  • Assists in locating, identifying, and obtaining services for children who have disabilities or special needs.
  • Uses the CHRIS (Children's Registry and Information System) for tracking and service coordination.
  • Promotes public awareness of services for children and youth who have disabilities.
  • Screens children and youth to determine if they need to be formally evaluated.
  • Provides coordination, training, and support to assist service providers in evaluating children and youth.

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Parent Resources Across the Web

Child Find Brochure
This pamphlet describes the developmental milestones from birth to 5 years.

This website is loaded with information for parents on typical and atypical development, brain growth and function, and child rearing issues. It covers all areas of development and the index provided makes it user friendly.

This website includes an interactive developmental timeline for children birth through five. A parent is able to explore the five areas of development---socio-emotional, cognitive, language, sensory and motor. It can also be navigated using age. If more information is needed on a topic, the parent simply clicks on the item. The final checklist can be printed from the computer. A small library of one minute videos on child rearing is also available.

This website is dedicated to the early identification and intervention of children with delays. The site lists developmental milestones through the age of three and posts red flags warnings which might indicate a delay or disorder. A discussion of different disorders is included on the website.

This website is provided by Success by Six and United Way agencies to help caregivers and agencies provide quality early learning experiences for children. It outlines the five most important things a new parent can do, provides developmental milestones for children birth to five, and provides suggestions on turning every day experiences into learning opportunities for children.

This site is written in Spanish and provides Spanish speaking families with information on a variety of topics.

Early Steps
Early Steps serves Florida's infants and toddlers from birth to 36 months who have developmental delays or a condition that places them at risk for developmental delays.

First Steps
A Guide for Parents of Young Children with Developmental Disabilities is available in downloadable chapters, in English and in Spanish.

www.AllAboutSarasotaKids.org. This is a connection to all Sarasota has to offer parents and their you children.

Child Find Referral Form
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Celeste Preseault, Manatee County
Diane Cummings, Sarasota County 

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Sara Schwanzl

FDLRS/FIN Facilitator
Amanda Coker

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