Student + Family Handbook

Table of Contents

Section 1 – Getting started

100.0  Registration and Enrollment Information    
          100.1   Immunizations Requirements for the
                       current school year    
          100.2   Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK)    
          100.3   ESE Pre-Kindergarten    
          100.4   Kindergarten    
          100.5   Educational Choices                         
                     100.5a  Controlled Open Enrollment
                                   (School Choice)
                     100.5b  Charter Schools                
                     100.5c  Home Education                
                     100.5d  Magnet Programs                
                     100.5e  McKay Scholarship                
                     100.5f   Sarasota Virtual School (SVS)    
          100.6   Sarasota County Schools Virtual Options    
          100.7   Specialized School Programs    
          100.8   Alternative Schools    
          100.9   Title I Education/Services                     
                     100.9a  Title I School Selection               
                     100.9b  Parental Involvement               
                     100.9c  District Report Card Community
                                   Learning Program
          100.10  Parent Portal Registration

101.0  Family and Student Rights and Responsibilities
          101.1  A Checklist of Parental Involvement
          101.2  Free Speech, Student Publications
                      and Technology
          101.3  Printed Materials
          101.4  Student Activities and Assembly 
          101.5  School Public Accountablility Reports (SPAR)
          101.6  School Improvement Plan (SIP)         

102.0  School Safety & Security 
          102.1  BE BRAVE HOTLINE    
          102.2  Visitors and Volunteers    
          102.3  Jessica Lunsford Act    
          102.4  Media Releases    
          102.5  Student Identification Badges    
          102.6  Critical Incidents at Schools    
          102.7  Cell Phones during Critical Incidents

103.0  Transportation
           103.1  Bus Service
           103.2  Vehicles on School Property
           103.3  Bicycle Helmets
           103.4  Transportation in Private Vehicles

104.0  Food & Nutrition Services

Section 2 – Attendance Activities

200.0  Attendance and Enrollment Policies
          200.1  Excused Absences
          200.2  Absence Reports
          200.3  Student in Transition Enrollment Procedures (SCSB Policy 5.14)

201.0  Excused Absences Rights and Responsibilities
          201.1  Unexcused Absences
          201.2  Family Vacation
          201.3  Arrival and Departure
          201.4  Driver’s License Law

202.0  Withdrawals
          202.1  Moving Out of District
          202.2  Change of Address

203.0  Extracurricular Activities
          203.1  Athletic Eligibility
          203.2  Field Trips

Section 3 – Behavior

300.0  Code of Student Conduct
          300.1  Dress Code
          300.2  Electronic Devices
          300.3  Technology Use
          300.4  Student Search and Seizure F.S. §1006.09 (9)
          300.5  Pledge of Allegiance
          300.6  Bullying
          300.7  Gangs
          300.8  Discrimination
          300.9  Discipline Policies and Procedures
          300.10  Zero Tolerance
          300.11  Behaviors and Consequences Chart
          300.12  Prohibition of Weapons
          300.13  Prohibition of Drugs
          300.14  Disciplinary Action
          300.15  Student Detention, Search and Seizure
          300.16  Removal from Class
          300.17  In-School Restriction
          300.18  Restriction of Privileges
          300.19  School Bus Suspension
          300.20  Due Process for Suspension and Expulsion
                     300.20a  Suspension
                     300.20b  Expulsion
                     300.20c  Settlement and Deferred
                                     Expulsion Agreement
                     300.20d  Formal Expulsion Hearing
          300.21  Disruptive Students – Staff Intervention
          300.22  Reporting of Crimes and/or Disruptive Behavior
          300.23  Procedures for Off-Campus Felony Cases

Section 4 – Academics

400.0  Academic and Curriculum Information
          400.1  Honor Code 
          400.2  Grading Policy
          400.3  Report Cards
          400.4  Promotion
          400.5  Exceptional Student Education (ESE)
          400.6  Classroom Accommodations/Modifications
          400.7  Section 504 Plan under the Americans
                      with Disabilities Act
          400.8  FSA and End-of-Course Accommodations
          400.9  FSA and End-of-Course Accommodations
                      for English-Language Learners (ELLs)
          400.10  English for Speakers of Other Languages
                      (ESOL) Programs
                     400.10a  Initial Identification
                     400.10b  Programmatic Assessments
                     400.10c   Appropriate Programming
                     400.10d  Grading Policy and Promotion of  
                                      English Language Learners (ELLs)  
          400.11  Parent and ESOL Placement
          400.12  Adult Education
400.13  Teacher Qualifications
          400.14  Post-Secondary Planning Services
          400.15  Vocational/Career Education and Transition
                        Services for Students with Disabilities
          400.16  Accelerated Graduation
          400.17  Early Admission/Dual Enrollment
          400.18  Honors Classes
          400.19  Advanced Placement (AP)
          400.20 International Baccalaureate Programs
          400.21  Cambridge Advanced International Certificate
                        of Education (AICE)
          400.22 Career and Technical Education (CTE)
          400.23 Homework Policy
          400.24 Understanding Assessments
          400.25  FSA (Florida Standard Assessments)
          400.26 What do the FSA Results Mean?
                     400.26a  FSA
          400.27 End-of-Course Assessments (EOC)
          400.28 Family Literacy Services

401.0  Educational Records
          401.1  Directory Information
401.2  Military Access to Records
          401.3  Further Assistance
          401.4  Media Releases
          401.5  Anonymous Surveys
          401.6  Rights Under the Protection of Pupil Rights
          401.7  The Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy
                       Act (FERPA)
          401.8  Statement on the Collection, Use or Release of
                      Social Security Numbers of Students and/or

Section 5 – Health

500.0  School Health Services
          500.1  School Health Staff
          500.2  Health Insurance for Children
500.3  Dental Insurance
          500.4  Parent Responsibility
          500.5  Medications in School
          500.6  Screening Services
          500.7  Health Issues and Use of the Health Room
          500.8  Food Allergies

Section 6 – Volunteering and Partnerships

601.0  Volunteers and Partnership Office

602.0  Mentoring Services

603.0  2-1-1 Info line is moving

604.0  Community Food Resources

Section 7 – Directories

700.0  Sarasota County Schools District Offices and Departments

701.0  Sarasota County Schools Opening and Closing Times


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Pupil Support Services
Sonia Figaredo-Alberts, Executive Director

Julie Zarling, Administrative Assistant

Phone: 941-927-9000, ext. 31109
Fax: 941-927-4052
1960 Landings Boulevard
Sarasota, Florida 34231
Green 3rd Floor

Exceptional Student Education
Tammy Cassels, Supervisor

Miriam Blosser, Administrative Assistant

Phone: 941-927-9000, ext. 34226
Fax: 941-927-4014

Student Services
Debra Giacolone, Supervisor

Sally Dean, Administrative Assistant

Phone: 941-927-9000, ext. 34754
Fax: 941-361-6157

School Health Services
Suzanne Dubose, Supervisor

Phone: 941-927-9000, ext. 34765
Fax: 941-927-4108

Florida Department of Health Sarasota County
Karen McCormack, Supervisor
Phone: 941-927-9000, ext. 32101

Alternative Education, Discipline & Dropout Prevention
Dr. Dawn Clayton, Supervisor

Karen Frantz, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 941-927-9000, ext. 31113

ESOL and Migrant Education
Jamie Rodriguez, Supervisor

Tracey Cardenas, Program Manager
Phone: 941-927-9000, ext. 32247

Tamika Herring-Snead, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 941-927-9000, ext. 34330

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