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Understanding the Florida Standards

2014-2015: Full implementation of the Florida Standards grades K-12

These standards define the rigorous skills and knowledge in English Language Arts and Mathematics that need to be effectively taught and learned to ensure that students graduating from high school are prepared to enter either credit-bearing courses at two- or four-year institutions of higher learning or enter the work force. These standards are aimed at preparing students to collaborate with their peers and compete in a global economy.

The standards describe “the what” that students need to learn; however, they do not spell out “the how” for teachers. “The how” is determined at local levels: the district, the school and the classroom.

  • A Florida Dept. of Education official source for standards information and resources 

Tips and Tools for Supporting Your Child at Home

FLDOE Parent's Backpack Guide to the Florida State Standards

Video: What are the Florida Standards? Join Hershel Lyons, Florida Chancellor of K-12 Public Schools, as he discusses all things concerning Florida Standards. A standards-based resource just for Florida students that includes resources for learning in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Civics, such as interactive tutorials for grades K-12

FL Students

Student and Family Resources from the Florida Department of Education

Just for Parents newsletters:

Just for Parents blog:

Parent Guides for the Language Arts Florida Standards:

In English:

LAFS parent guide K

LAFS parent guide gr1

LAFS parent guide gr2

LAFS parent guide gr3

LAFS parent guide gr4

LAFS parent guide gr5

LAFS parent guide gr6

LAFS parent guide gr7

LAFS parent guide gr8

LAFS parent guide gr912

In Spanish:

LAFS parent guide grk Spanish

LAFS parent guide gr1 Spanish

LAFS parent guide gr2 Spanish

LAFS parent guide gr3 Spanish

LAFS parent guide gr4 Spanish

LAFS parent guide gr5 Spanish

LAFS parent guide gr6 Spanish

LAFS parent guide gr7 Spanish

LAFS parent guide gr8 Spanish

LAFS parent guide gr912 Spanish

In Haitian Creole:

LAFS parent guide grk creole

LAFS parent guide gr1 creole

LAFS parent guide gr2 Creole

LAFS parent guide gr3 creole

LAFS parent guide gr4 creole

LAFS parent guide gr5 creole

LAFS parent guide gr6 creole

LAFS parent guide gr7 creole

LAFS parent guide gr8 creole

LAFS parent guide gr912 creole

Parent Guides for the Mathematics Florida Standards:

In English:

MAFS parent guide grk

MAFS parent guide gr1

MAFS parent guide gr2

MAFS parent guide gr3

MAFS parent guide gr4

MAFS parent guide gr5

MAFS parent guide gr6

MAFS parent guide gr7

MAFS parent guide gr8

MAFS parent guide gr912

In Spanish:

MAFS parent guide grk Spanish

MAFS parent guide gr1 Spanish

MAFS parent guide gr2 Spanish

MAFS parent guide gr3 Spanish

MAFS parent guide gr4 Spanish

MAFS parent guide gr5 Spanish

MAFS parent guide gr6 Spanish

MAFS parent guide gr7 Spanish

MAFS parent guide gr8 Spanish

MAFS parent guide gr912 Spanish

In Haitian Creole: 

MAFS parent guide grk Creole

MAFS parent guide gr1 Creole

MAFS parent guide gr2 Creole

MAFS parent guide gr3 Creole

MAFS parent guide gr4 Creole

MAFS parent guide gr5 Creole

MAFS parent guide gr6 Creole

MAFS parent guide gr7 Creole

MAFS parent guide gr8 Creole

MAFS parent guide gr912 Creole

Pathways to College and Career Readiness

Ten Simple Ways to Support Your Student

  • Created by the Instructional Specialists from Sarasota County Schools

  • Comprehensive resource for parents of children in grades K-12, produced by NBC News Education Nation and sponsored by Pearson
  • Includes "Growth Charts" to explain the general academic benchmarks at each grade level, tips, and resources for supporting your student academically and otherwise

FSA Information for Families

  • A one-page overview of the assessments offered, the testing methods, and suggestions for family support

What Parents Can Do to Help their Children Learn (from EngageNY)

Every Child Reading: Top Ten Tips for Parents (from Learning First)


Florida Standards Assessments are mandated for the following courses: grades 4-10 Writing; grades 3-10 English Language Arts; grades 3-8 Math. 

Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 students take the FSA End-of-Course Exam.

Courses other than English Language Arts and Mathematics will continue to use the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS). Students will continue to take FCAT 2.0 assessments in Science, grades 5 and 8 and End Of Course (EOC) exams in middle grades Civics and high school U.S. History and Biology. For information about FCAT 2.0 or NGSSS EOC Assessments, please visit



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Curriculum and Instruction

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