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Sarasota County Schools Graduation Rates Increase in 2017-18

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SARASOTA, December 19, 2018 — The Florida Department of Education reported today that the graduation rate for Sarasota County Schools for 2017-18 was 89.8 percent, up 4.1 percent from the previous school year. The district remained above the state graduation rate of 86.1 percent, which increased 3.8 percentage points from the previous year. The rising trend in graduation rates in schools throughout Sarasota County reflects the academic success the school district has achieved over the last year, including improved FSA test results and a four-percentage point increase in its overall district A-grade.

“I am excited for our students, who continue to excel in our district,” noted Todd Bowden, superintendent of Sarasota County Schools. “Ensuring that our students are graduating college and career-ready has been a top priority throughout our schools, and I am pleased we have achieved an overall 90 percent graduation rate this last year. The students, along with their teachers, guidance counselors and school leaders, work hard to achieve success, and this is another fine example of ways in which the school district continues to improve our community.”

“The drop-out prevention programs we’ve implemented throughout the Sarasota County School District have been instrumental to improving our overall graduation rates,” commented Stephen Cantees, executive director of secondary schools. “We have to give credit to our school staff who work collaboratively with district teams to ensure that every student is receiving the attention they need to be successful towards their graduation goal. To see our students walk across the stage and achieve academic and personal success is incredibly gratifying as an administrator, and we are elated that our students continue to thrive in Sarasota County.”

In 2017-18, the state of Florida is calculating and reporting the Federal Uniform Graduation rate. Federal regulations require each state to calculate a four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate, which includes standard diplomas but excludes general equivalency diplomas, known as GEDs, both regular and adult; and special diplomas. The U.S. Department of Education adopted this calculation method in an effort to develop uniform, accurate and comparable graduation rates across all states. The Federal Uniform Graduation rate is currently used in Florida’s school accountability system in the high school grades calculation.

The graduation rate is calculated by tracking the number of students who start in a school as ninth graders to the number in the same class who graduate four years later. Individual high school results are displayed in the table below:

2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18 graduation rates by school:


Graduation rate



Graduation rate


Graduation rate


Booker High 75.9% 80.4% 82.0%
Imagine School at North Port 78.8% 89.1% 92.1%
North Port High 83.8% 84.0% 87.7%
Pine View School 99.5% 100% 99.5%
Riverview High 84.3% 85.7% 91.4%
Sarasota High 81.9% 81.4% 84.6%
Sarasota Military Academy 94.1% 96.7% 94.8%
Suncoast Polytechnical High 97.6% 92.7% 99.2%
Venice High 92.6% 89.2% 93.6%
Sarasota County School District 85.4% 85.7% 89.8%
State 80.7% 82.3% 86.1%

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Sarasota County Schools is committed to providing unrivaled academic, emotional and civic growth to every student, every day. As one of the leading employers on the Suncoast, Sarasota County Schools boasts 53 schools that expertly cater to the diverse needs of over 43,000 students. We are one of two Florida school districts to consistently earn an A-grade every year since 2004. Our passionate educators empower students to take charge of their academic and personal success, a practice we believe fosters lifelong growth and achievement. We actively maintain the district’s tradition of excellence and ensure that tradition extends to all students. Our commitment to our students extends beyond graduation to make sure they not only graduate on time and do so college and career ready. Want to take your student’s education to the next level? Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or visit


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