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     COVID-19 Protocols for Students


    The Department of Health (DOH) will be conducting contact tracing during the 2021-22 school year. 

    A parent or guardian of an asymptomatic student, who has been contact-traced to a positive COVID-19 case, will have the choice to send their child back to school or keep them home for the duration of the quarantine period. (Added 09/22/2021)

    If symptomatic, the quarantined student can return to school on/after day 5 with a negative COVID test (including PCR or the Ellume COVID-19 home test).

    Home rapid-antigen tests: While home antigen tests are available at local retailers, the DOH will only accept the Ellume COVID-19 home test that can produce a lab report that includes: the date the test was taken, the student’s full name and the student’s date of birth. The student may also go to any local testing facility to obtain a negative PCR test, as these facilities provide lab reports.

    Department of Health in Sarasota County:
    Email: DOHSarasotaInfo@FLHealth.gov
    Phone: (941) 861-2900

    Ellume COVID-19 Home Test
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