Career Exploration

  • SchooLinks is the platform utilized from 6th to 12th grade to explore career clusters, careers, and paths to make these careers a reality.  Students can even ask professionals in their career of interest questions to better understand the occupation and opportunities.  Within the portal, students can search for work-based learning opportunities, job postings, and learn more about their career cluster of interest.

    Career Cluster of the Month

    Every month of the school year, one of the Florida Department of Education’s 17 career clusters is designated as the Career Cluster of the Month. This is celebrated in various ways at all middle and high schools to further expose students to different careers.

    Work-Based Learning

    In Sarasota County Schools, all students have the opportunity to participate in a Work-Based Learning (WBL) experience.  There are six types of WBL available throughout the county:

    WBL in Sarasota County Schools

    WBL Type



    School-Based Enterprise

    Student-led, school staff supervised entrepreneurial operation within a school that provides goods or services to customers/clients.

    Designing, marketing, and selling spirit wear and/or school supplies.


    An extended practical, instructor-supported, industry capstone project/work experience with an employer that meets existing curriculum objectives.

    Group of Electrical students and their teacher assisting in local 5G cell tower installation.

    Clinical Rotation

    A highly structured, preceptor- or instructor-supervised work experience requiring learners to demonstrate mastery of career-related skills to meet existing course curriculum and hour requirements; usually in healthcare settings.

    CNA students completing required tasks at a long-term care facility.


    A short-term, paid/unpaid, structured career training experience through an employer agreement and workplace.

    Finance student interning at an Achieva Credit Union branch.


    Specific course pathways preparing students for related employment and to become qualified to enter a registered apprenticeship program.

    Plumbing student successfully completing Suncoast Technical College’s dual enrollment courses.

    On-the-Job Training

    Paid part-time employment related to the student’s CTE pathway of study.

    Business student working part-time at a law office.

    21st Century Skills (Soft Skills) Credentialing

    Employers hire people, not paper. More than 80% of Florida business leaders emphasize the importance of employability skills. These skills include teamwork, communication, problem solving, public speaking, time management, punctuality, preparedness, prioritization, and more.  Many of our teachers across multiple content areas regularly infuse these into their instructional practices. Through assessments, classroom rules, and more, students begin to understand that these “skills” are going to be expected no matter what career field they choose to pursue. Our students have an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of these skills by earning credentials from Florida Ready to Work - Assessments and Courseware.