• District ESE Program Review - Parent Nights

    Tuesday, September 26

    • Location: Suncoast Technical College’s North Port campus (4445 Career Ln, North Port, FL 34289), Room 1-119
    • Time: 5:30 – 7:30 PM
      • Notes: Parking is in the front loop or rear of building. Please avoid parking in the Libraries lot (see attached map)

    Monday, October 2

    • Location: Suncoast Technical College’s Sarasota campus (4748 S Beneva Rd, Sarasota, FL 34233), Building 2-178 (Conference Center)
    • Time: 5:30 – 7:30 PM
      • Notes: Signage for the Conference Center marked on the building; next to Student Services near the flag poles


    If you are unable to attend one of the in-person parent nights, please consider sending in your feedback electronically through the following form:

    Your online feedback – which will automatically be sent directly to ELS – will be confidential.

  • Exceptional Student Education Program Review

    The School Board of Sarasota County has selected Exceptional Learning Solutions to review the school district’s current intervention and Exceptional Student Education (ESE) programming, supports, and opportunities through an Exceptional Student Education Program Review. If you have questions about the review, please contact Exceptional Learning Solutions: tzoellick@exceptionallearningsolutions.com

    The Exceptional Learning Solutions team will utilize the following three-stage process to assist Sarasota County Schools:

    • Stage One – Pre-Evaluation: During the Pre-Evaluation stage, the Exceptional Learning Solutions (ELS) team gathers information from multiple sources including school and district-level leaders and the teams that support the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) department’s mission. Additionally, the ELS team analyzes a comprehensive range of statistics and information including achievement, referral, placement, attendance, and discipline data. Much of the information gathered from the school district is through electronic records, district documentation, district policies, and discussions with district personnel. All school and district data will be analyzed to identify trends and compared to local and state averages.


    • Stage Two – Program Evaluation Site Work: The district site work gives the ELS program review team the opportunity to begin to get to know the ESE department, the school staff, and the support staff. The ELS team will be visiting a sample of schools within the Sarasota County School District. During those school visits, the ELS team will be meeting with building leaders, observe in classrooms, and provide opportunities for teachers and staff to provide feedback on Sarasota County Schools’ ESE program. From this site work, the ELS program reviewers formulate hypotheses about the district and schools that are tested during the program review. The site work provides the district’s ESE team an opportunity to present further data and clarify existing information.


    • Stage Three – Post-Evaluation: The ELS program reviewers write a summary report of the findings, which will include strengths and the points for improvement identified during the program review process. The results are reported back to the district. The ELS team prepares an action plan that addresses the next steps identified in the report.


    Additionally, Exceptional Learning Solutions will be sending confidential surveys to the parents/guardians of students with special needs and hosting parent/guardian meetings for additional feedback. Exceptional Learning Solutions will also send confidential surveys to relevant school district personnel. These surveys will come directly from Exceptional Learning Solutions and the organization will collect all results.