The School Board of Sarasota County encourages parents, as defined by Florida Statutes, and other approved visitors to visit the schools. The principal, in conjunction with district security personnel, will regulate visits both within the school and on the campus for purposes of security and to ensure that visitors do not interrupt the instructional program or violate other school or district protocols.


    Times for Check-In and Accompanying Students to class


      • Parents/Guardians must Check-In at the Front Desk through the Raptor System and receive a visitor badge. You will need a government-issued ID, such as your driver's license, to be processed through the Raptor System.
      • Complete the sign-in sheet and receive a lanyard that corresponds to the location of your child’s first-period class.
      • First Time: Read the Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement form acknowledging and agreeing to the district and school protocols


      • Parents/ guardians who have completed the check-in process may accompany their students to class.
      • Returning to the main office by 7:30 AM
      • Return your lanyard and sign out


    Sarasota High School Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement Form(CLICK HERE)