• Bright Futures

    Initial Eligibility Requirements: (As determined by the Florida Department of Education)

    1. Submit the Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA) no later than August 31 after high school graduation.
    2. Graduated from a Florida high school with a standard high school diploma or its equivalent.
    3. Complete the 16 college-preparatory courses required for admission to a state university.
    4. Achieve the required weighted GPA in the 16 college-preparatory courses per the chart below.
    5. Achieve the required composite ACT® or combined SAT® score no later than June 30 of the student’s graduation year (or through January 31 for mid-year graduates), per the chart below.
    6. Complete the required number of volunteer service or paid work hours per the chart below.



    16 High School College- Preparatory Course

    Credits 1

    High School Weighted Bright Futures GPA

    College Entrance Exams by High School Graduation Year


    Volunteer Service Hours2

    Paid Work Hours2






    4 - English

    (three must include substantial writing)






    2022-23 Graduates: 29/1330


    2023-24 Graduates: 29/1340











    4 - Mathematics

    (at or above the Algebra I level)

    3 - Natural Science




    (two must have substantial laboratory)




    2022-23 Graduates: 25/1210


    2023-24 Graduates: 25/1210









    3 - Social Science

    2 - World Language

    (sequential, in same language)

    1 The required coursework aligns with the State University System admission requirements found in Florida Board of Governor’s Regulation 6.002. Additional information regarding high school coursework can be found within the Florida Counseling for Future Education Handbook.

    2 Students must earn either the required volunteer service OR paid work hours, but not a combination of both.


     Requirements to Receive an Award: (As determined by the postsecondary institution)   

    1. Be evaluated by the Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) as meeting initial eligibility requirements.
    2. Be a Florida resident and U.S. citizen or eligible noncitizen.
    3. Enroll as a degree- or certificate-seeking student at a Florida institution in at least 6 non-remedial semester credit hours.


     Renewal Requirements: (As determined by grade and hours submitted by the postsecondary institution)                    

    1. Students must earn the number of credit hours based on the student’s enrollment type per term.
    2. The renewal cumulative GPA requirements are outlined in the table below.



    Florida Academic Scholars (FAS)

    Florida Medallion Scholars (FMS)

    Minimum Cumulative GPA

    (unrounded and unweighted)




    For detailed information, including other ways to qualify, please refer to the Bright Futures Student Handbook.

    Eligibility requirements are subject to change with each legislative session.

    Students are responsible for tracking their application and award status online and ensuring that funding for an academic year is accurate by contacting their institution’s financial aid office.