• Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports


    Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is an evidence-based three-tiered prevention framework designed to improve and integrate all data, systems, and practices impacting student outcomes. National research shows that full implementation of PBIS leads to reduced exclusionary discipline and improved student and teacher outcomes.


    “Today I will be Respectful, On Task, Accepting and Responsible. I am an Oak Park Panther, hear me R.O.A.R!”



    Oak Park School is a FLPBIS Model school! Our school has recently been recognized for our work implementing a school-wide PBIS framework. This award demonstrates our commitment to positive outcomes for all students and helps us celebrate our efforts as we progress toward full implementation of PBIS.



    By establishing the PBIS framework, we are developing skills of the students and adults, making system changes to our school environment to enhance school climate, acknowledging appropriate behavior, and using data to identify needed supports for our students and teachers.


    To learn more about the FLPBIS Project Model Schools, visit www.flpbis.org


    OPS PBIS Team Mission:

    The mission of OPS’s PBIS team is to promote a safe, inclusive, and positive learning environment that enhances student learning by teaching and celebrating positive behavior, which will empower respectful, on task, accepting and responsible members of our community.


    OPS’s PBIS Vision:

    The vision of OPS’s PBIS team is to strengthen student accountability and ownership of behavior.


    OPS’s PBIS Goals for the 2022-2023 School Year:


    • To obtain FLPBIS platinum model school status. 
    • Develop a plan for quarterly PBIS school-wide celebrations.
    • Increase staff buy-in through Professional Development trainings.
    • Demonstrate low rates of discipline outcomes without significant levels of disproportionality.
    • Utilize restorative discipline practices as an alternative to suspension.
    • Raise awareness of PBIS initiatives to families.


    Learn more about PBIS at OP: Oak Park School’s PBIS Guidebook


    ROAR Store: The R.O.A.R Store is every Friday! Students can spend the PAWS they earned throughout the week to spend on items that are donated by staff, parents and business partners. The PAW price stars at 1PAW up to 300PAWS. Each student per grade level is provided the opportunity to shop at the school store during their designated times. The R.O.A.R store is run by the PBIS Team and Support Staff. If you are interested in donating to our school’s ROAR store, click here!



    Family Involvement: Including families in PBIS implementation means families and school personnel work together and share in the responsibility making educational decisions and improving student outcomes. Oak Park encourages family involvement in supporting our school wide behavior system. If you are interested in joining our PBIS Team, please email our school’s PBIS Coach.