• Fingerprinting for Volunteers

    Level 2 Volunteer clearance is required for anyone that:

    • participates in a classroom/school setting where potentially left unattended or without staff supervision,
    • in a one-on-one setting for tutoring/mentoring a student or handling school funds
    • for all field trips.

    Please note: the school’s principal has the authority to further extend this requirement, or to require Level 2 clearance for all volunteers. The Principal has the right to deny access to Level 2 volunteers at their school to anyone even after being approved by the district.

    A typical Level 2 application process takes approximately 2 weeks from the time of fingerprinting.

    Volunteers that are planning on participating in a field trip or otherwise required to have Level 2 clearance must follow the process described below:

    1. Prior to making an appointment, regardless of the location you choose for fingerprinting, you must submit a volunteer application online:

    • To submit an application, please click here
    • Create an account and Update Personal Information
    • Under Smart Forms, select and submit a volunteer application
    • ‘Send to Background Processor’

    2. For your convenience, level 2 volunteer applicants have the ability to get fingerprinted at the below locations:

    For questions, please contact: SCSBFingerprinting@sarasotacountyschools.net

    Laws and policies implemented for the determination of clearance or denial of volunteering are: