• Esports


    The AGS program would like to start an Esports league at Suncoast Polytechnical High School!  This will give our students the opportunity to not only compete with other schools, but to gain valuable leadership and cooperative skills by working together on a team.

    Goals of the Program:
    Give our students the opportunity to develop leadership skills and promote team work and comradery among their fellow classmates
    Give our students the opportunity to compete at the state and local level in a professional capacity.
    Have a co-ed team where guys and girls compete together-promote inclusion.
    Have students take ownership of coaching and mentoring.

    Fall through winter seems to be the norm for other schools in the area. In springtime, the league will be less active due to testing and exams.

    Currently, the 2 games we are focusing on competing in are:
    Smash (on the Nintendo Switch)
    Rocket league (on PC, Xbox, or Switch)

    *If there is enough interest in other games, we would be open to potentially adding them*

    Because the league is new this year, equipment will be limited to start. We recommend for in-person practices and tournaments, that students bring their own controllers and equipment.  Controllers may have grips or joystick extenders, but no electronic modifications.

    Requirements for the League:
    You need to have a B or better in all your classes to remain on the team. 
    Must have a GPA of 2.5 to remain on the team
    Students must be able to commit to attending virtual practices on a weekly basis (school work and grade permitting).
    Good sportsmanship at all times
    Must have access to your own equipment to attend virtual practices
    You and your parent or guardian will need to sign an M-rated form

    What to Expect-The Run Down:
    Virtual practices will be held on a weekly basis to help prepare for upcoming tournaments and competitions. Students will be working together and communicating through platforms such as Discord to accomplish this.
    In person, practices will be held at least once or twice a month (maybe more as we approach the tournament deadline). These practices will consist of working together, team building exercises and drills, ect. - these practices will last 1-2 hrs. each. This will also be a time when team members can check in with the team manager and fellow team mates in person, ask questions, and be held accountable.
    Our Esports league will need funding and sponsors in order to pay for entry fees, uniforms, ect. - We will be holding fund raisers periodically in order to raise money. If you are in the team, you will be expected to help out and pitch in when possible.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please email Mrs. Workman or Derrick Wright:
    Mrs. Workman - Team Manager - Kalila.workman@sarasotacountyschools.net
    Derrick Wright - Lead Coach- derrickwright@sarasotacountyschools.net