• Visiting Colleges

    If possible, a college visit offers students and families an idea of the actual experience that the campus provides.  Setting foot on campus may provide a confirmation or rejection of how you feel about the campus and whether to apply.  Take full advantage of your visits by asking questions and getting a feel for the institution.

    For those who qualify, several out-of-state post-secondary institutions offer stipends to assist in travel costs for students who are economically disadvantaged.  Contact the post-secondary school to inquire.

    When to Visit

    It is best to see a college campus when students are present and classes are in session.  Campus tours at most post-secondary schools are offered throughout the year.  Some schools sponsor “visit days” when students can spend the entire day touring the campus, visiting classes, hearing about activities, and visiting the dorms.

    Before You Visit

    Look at the school’s website or call the admission office directly several weeks or more ahead of time to determine when they offer tours and group information sessions for prospective students.  Many schools offer them on a drop-in basis; some schools may require you to make an appointment.

    The more you know about the campus before your visit, the more prepared you will be to evaluate the college when you arrive.

    When You Visit

    Attend the group information session if you haven’t scheduled an interview.  Take the tour that is usually led by a current student.  Talk to the leader about his/her experience and allow plenty of time for your visit.   Record your impressions for later comparison and making your best decisions.