• Emma E. Booker is a uniform school. School embroidered logo shirts are available in the main office for $15.00 each 

    • All shoes MUST be closed toe and have a back or back strap. Laces always need to be tied. 
    • No Crocs as of 8/10/21
    • No hats or other head coverings are allowed. Jeans or sweatpants are NOT permitted. 
    • For colder weather days, sweaters or jackets of any color are permitted. 

    Our uniform requirements are:


    • Must be Navy or Khaki (Tan) colored pants, shorts, skorts or jumpers (collared shirts must be worn under jumpers) Belts should be worn with all pants/shorts that have belt loops *No jeans or sweatpants allowed.  
    • Shirts:  
    • White, Navy, Light Yellow or Gold   
    • NO light blue shirts are permitted. 
    • All uniform shirts must have a collar. 
    • Purple logo shirts are earned and are not available for purchase.  Student may only wear Purple shirts with our school logo on them.  


    • Neckties, bowties, and suspenders are not a part of our uniform.  

    If your child should come in a non-uniform bottom/or shirt, they will be sent to the clinic to change into clothes that meet our uniform policy. We will provide uniform clothing for the day; however, your child will be sent back to the clinic before dismissal to change back into their non-uniform clothing.