• August 31, 2021

    Dear Families and Employees, 

    As you know, the School Board recently passed an emergency face mask policy in response to the current spike in transmission relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. For your review, I have attached a copy of the policy. As your Superintendent, I am responsible for implementing that policy. 

    The School Board’s face mask policy mandates that students, employees, visitors, and vendors wear face masks unless they meet certain exceptions or qualify for legally-required accommodations. One of the exceptions in the policy is for medical reasons. So that we can be consistent in our consideration of whether medical reasons warrant individuals to be exempt from the policy and to prevent abuse, as of Wednesday, September 1, 2021, the School Board will only accept the updated medical exception form which is available on the district website for parents and employees. 

    As such, consistent with Florida Statute 1003.22(5)(b) and Subsection 2(c) of the recently-enacted Florida Department of Health Emergency Rule 64DER21-12, the School District will accept such medical certification regarding whether an individual is exempt from the emergency face mask policy only from medical doctors licensed under Chapter 458, Florida Statutes; osteopathic physicians licensed under Chapter 459, Florida Statutes; or advanced registered nurse practitioners licensed under Chapter 464, Florida Statutes.  

    I hope each of you know that my number one priority is to keep your children safe so that they can continue to learn at the highest levels possible. I appreciate everyone’s understanding as we collectively work to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in our schools.  

    As one: 

    Dr. Brennan Asplen 

    Superintendent of Schools