Applied Academics for Adult Education (AAAE)

  • AAAE is a state fundable adult education program that is available to remediate adult career and technical education certificate students. In accordance with State Board of Education Rule 6A-10.040, F.A.C., Basic Skills Requirements for Postsecondary Career and Technical Certificate Education, adult students enrolled in clock hour certificate programs of 450 hours or greater must complete a basic skills assessment within the first six weeks after admission into the program (unless otherwise exempt).

    Students who do not meet the prescribed basic skills levels in mathematics, reading and language arts should be provided an opportunity to remediate and correct the deficiencies while remaining enrolled in the clock hour certificate program. AAAE may be used to remediate students who have tested at the equivalent of 9th grade and above but lack the required level of basic skills for completion of the CTE program.

    Students enrolled in AAAE are simultaneously enrolled in a clock hour certificate program and working toward meeting the prescribed basic skills level of their Career and Technical Education (CTE) program.

    AAAE students are post-tested based on publisher guidelines and upon demonstrating the CTE program’s basic skills levels are exited from AAAE.

    Students are referred to AAAE by STC Counselors. Please contact a school counselor for information.

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