• You will find a wealth of information at the Sarasota County District Website about college scholarships, financial aid, ACT/SAT testing, and career planning.  Check it out here: Sarasota County Scholarship & Financial Aid website

    Your SPHS Guidance Office has information about additional scholarship opportunities in the school office, and will post them here on the blog when we receive them.  You're welcome to visit us in the office at any time to pick up the information and applications.

    SPHS Quick Guide to Scholarships





    Institutional Scholarships are a very large source of scholarships which are given out by the College or University where a student has been accepted—check with the college office of financial aid.  

    Look through the Scholarship Binder located in the Guidance Office.

    Many corporations, unions and banks have scholarships for children of employees. 

    Many civic organizations have scholarships for children of members and non-members. 

    Remember:  scholarships will not come looking for you—you have to look for them!

    Scholarship Resources <-- Click this file for more resources.