• Green

    Tara Green- Science

    I am entering my 19th year teaching at Tuttle, and my 10th year teaching Science Lab.  I have my dream job!!  Sharing my love of Science with my students is incredible!   I went to the University of Florida for both my Bachelors degree and Masters degree in Education (Go Gators!).  I am a Sarasota native, and feel so grateful everyday to live in one of the most beautiful places.  I love to travel, enjoy the beach, yoga, listen to live music, spend time with my family and friends, and spend as much time as I can enjoying nature!  All animals, including insects rock my world!  A motto I live by and share with my students is to be kind to the Earth and all of her creatures!

  • Ocasio

    Mayra Ocasio Cuadrado

    I was born in Puerto Rico, have two amazing daughters and one grandson. As a child I was always coloring and drawing, but mainly climbing trees. My inspiration in pursuing my studies in art was my High School teacher, Mr. Rashid. He saw the skill I had not yet discovered and motivated me to develop my talent.  Art has been my passion since then. I graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a degree in Humanities and Fine Arts. Later, I studied at the University of Bologna and at Italian Art Therapy in Milan, becoming a certified art therapist. During my 18 years in Italy, I created and proposed art projects for schools and communities, focusing on children, families and minority groups.  All along I have been creating art and even though I have specialized in the printmaking technique known as collagraph, my passion expands in the techniques of ceramics, sculpture, mosaics, murals, textiles and painting. My art has been exhibited in various countries such as Poland, Italy, Japan, Puerto Rico and the USA.  I’ve always loved children, so when moving to the USA in 2013, I decided to share my passion in the field of education.  Besides art, I love yoga, cooking, dancing, and long walks in natural settings. By the way, Rashid and I are still in contact and we are very good friends.