• DOE 2020-21 School Year Information for Student and Parent Support

    FloridaStudents.org Student Tutorials

    More than 3,000 student resources are accessible on the CPALMS FloridaStudents.org Tutorial at www.FloridaStudents.org. Students can access these resources including more than 950 original and interactive student tutorials covering K-12 topics in mathematics, science, ELA and social studies. These tutorials are created specifically for Florida’s standards and are accessible to all; no student account is needed. An introductory video made specifically for parents and caregivers can be accessed at https://www.cpalms.org/page816.aspx.

    For more information, contact Katrina Figgett, director of innovation and implementation, at Katrina.Figgett@fldoe.org.

    Just Take 20

    The Just Take 20 campaign provides Florida families with students in grades K-12 with practical, easy-to­ implement reading activities that establish literacy as a lifelong value. Just Take 20 encourages families to seize everyday teachable moments by using 20 minutes each day to integrate reading into their busy lives. Families and educators may access all available resources online at Just Take 20 or at Just Read, Florida!

    There are two options to choose from: Just Take 20 for Families and Just Take 20 for Educators. Families are able to search quickly for activities based on their child’s grade level and by topic. Educators have access to two different toolkits. The Just Take 20 Toolkit will provide schools with everything they need to start a Just Take 20 campaign and the REaD Carpet Ready Toolkit that will provide schools everything they need to host an exciting family literacy event to promote their Just Take 20 campaign. Schools should review the new toolkits and familiarize themselves with the new layout of the website to encourage their families to access these wonderful resources.

    For more information, contact Christy Whitfield, reading specialist, at Christina.Whitfield@fldoe.org.


  • Seal of Biliteracy

    The Seal of Biliteracy program was established to recognize high school students who have achieved biliteracy. Biliteracy is the attainment of a high level of competency in listening, speaking, reading and writing in one or more world languages in addition to English. Qualifying high school graduates will have an insignia on their diploma and a notation on their high school transcript as either a Gold Seal of Biliteracy (highest level of competency) or a Silver Seal of Biliteracy (second-highest level of competency) awarded by the Commissioner of Education in accordance with Rule 6A-1.09951, F.A.C., Requirements for the Florida Seal of Biliteracy Program.

    For more information, contact Chane Eplin, SALA bureau chief, at Chane.Eplin@fldoe.org.