• NPHS Athletics

  •  The Athletic Clearance website is the database to register your child to become eligible to participate in North Port High School's sports.  If your child was enrolled in the Athletic Clearance last year, please create a new one for  21- 22.  All forms can be accessed on the AthleticClearance.com website and on this page.  Moving forward... select the 21-22 school year to continue.

    Log in to https://athleticclearance.fhsaahome.org

    The link above is a direct link to the athletic database to create ONE ACCOUNT for your athlete.  Do not create multiple enrollments and DO NOT DELETE THE ACCOUNT.  You can select multiple sports

    Tips for using the website:


    *If your student transferred to NPHS or is an incoming 9th grader, then please complete the G4 form (page 3) and upload it to AthleticClearance.com.    The G4 form is included in the athletic packet. 

    **If your student does not attend NPHS, then they are a non-traditional student.  Please list the name of the school or program where they are enrolled in the "educational history" area on the clearance website.  

    If they are homeschooled, they will need the EL7 & EL7V before participating.  Once the paperwork is completed and signed off by a notary, then email the paperwork to controlledopenenrollment@sarasotacountyschools.net.  The District Choice Office will review it, sign it and send it back to you.  Now it can be uploaded into the "clearance".  

    Athletic participation in the 2021 -2022 school year requires the following forms to be uploaded to the AthleticClearance.com website. 

    1. A 3-page physical on the required FHSAA Form EL2.  Even if page three is blank, it must be uploaded
    2. A NOTARIZED Parent/Guardian Release and Hold Harmless Agreement 
    3. A NOTARIZED Medical Release form for Out-of-County or Overnight Travel
    4. Athletic Recruiting & Non-Traditional Student GA4 Form (upload if the student has transferred in or does not attend NPHS or is an incoming 9th grader).
    5. Upload the athlete's medical insurance - see below if you do not have medical coverage
      *School Accident Insurance can be purchased from schoolinsuranceofflorida.com.