• Summer 2020 Boost: Personalized Academic Instruction

    ESE Overview

    Summer 2020 Boost is high quality, personalized academic instructional support provided for students in the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) program. This Personalized Academic Instruction ESY opportunity is for ESE students who meet eligibility requirements. All students have the opportunity for online and paper-based learning as well as real-time instruction.

    Dates and Times

    June 2 – June 30, 2020 (21 Days)

    June 2 Training & Transition Day - June 3 Contact with families & Teacher Planning – June 4 Contact with families and instruction begins

    Times: Flexible hours for teachers - 5 hours per day - (Instruction, Planning & Family Contact Time)

    Student Dates June 3 – June 30, 2020 (20 Days)

    Teacher/Staff Dates June 2- June 30

    • ESY teachers and instructional aides (196 day) will participate in curriculum Zoom training on June 2nd
    • Times: 5 hours for teachers and Related Service Providers based on student need and caseload


    ESE Teachers

    • All qualified students will be grouped based on similar academic needs and District staff will assign a teacher who will develop individualize learning opportunities for each student in their class
    • Number of teachers will be based on classes developed to meet academic needs: class size will vary


    • District Staff will cluster all classes to school sites based on the numbers of students from those sites
    • School administrators will provide support and technical assistance to ESY teachers

    District Staff

    • Once ESY teachers are hired, ESE district staff (program specialists and compliance liaisons) will ensure that those teachers have access to instructional materials and IEP documents by June 3
    • District Staff will be assigned to all sites to provide guidance and support to all teachers/students at each site


    • In a few classroom settings there may be a need to hire a paraprofessional to help meet the needs of the ESE students

    School-based ESE Liaisons

    • At sites with large ESE numbers, it may be necessary to provide a liaison who can help guide instruction, data collection, and communication with families

    Related Service Providers

    • ESE Liaisons and District Staff will ensure that Related Service Providers are scheduled to work with students prior to June 3rd based on students’ IEP needs

    Advantages of a remote learning program

    • Risk of COVID 19 virus is eliminated
    • Targeted, individualized support for ESE students and their families
    • Elimination of transportation costs
    • Allows schools time to adequately prepare for resuming face-to-face schooling in August

    Points to Consider

    • Individual distance learning plans will be reviewed by ESE Liaisons and District staff to determine the best plan for students and families
    • Related Service Providers coordinate with the student’s teacher and family to determine the smooth delivery of services and avoid overwhelming families
    • Students will have a computer device and internet access (if possible) or will be provided Remote Learning Packets
    • Assistive technology required to access learning will be provided as required on students’ IEPs

    Resources for Teachers

    • ICAN Plan resources
    • iReady Toolbox ESY Materials (paper-based material and teacher online toolbox)
    • ACCESS Materials (i.e., Encore, Attainment, ULS, TechTown)
    • Teacher specially designed instruction
    • Service providers materials/resources


    • Paper-based materials will be delivered to school sites before May 22nd for school sites to provide to students and families
    • ESE Liaisons continue to conduct IEP meetings to determine eligible students for ESY:
      • ESY forms completed and distance learning plans will be reviewed and adjusted to fit the needs of students during ESY
      • ESE Liaisons provide the list of eligible ESE students to school-based registrars to build ESY schedule
      • ESE Liaisons review (date and initial) the Distance Learning Plan
      • ESE liaisons notify parents that services will be delivered in a remote learning environment
      • ESE liaisons will compile a list of students that need access to any and all additional therapy (e.g., Mental Health, Speech/Language, Occupational Therapy, CAARS, etc.)
      • ESE Liaison determines courses of enrollment
    • ESE district staff confirm referred students by May 11th
    • A copy of eligible ESY students given to school administrators

    Roles and Responsibility

    Site Administrator

    • Available to support students, parents, and teachers
    • Assist with communication platforms when needed
    • Collect and review teachers’ contact logs
    • Collect timesheets from each contracted employee and submit to the bookkeeper

    District Program Specialist/District Liaisons

    • Check-in with teachers and closely monitor adherence to the distance learning plans
    • Provide support to students, parents, and teachers at each site
    • Review progress data collection sheets

    ESE school-based Liaison

    • Conduct IEP meetings to determine eligible students for ESY
    • Complete ESY forms and review distance learning plans and adjust to fit the needs of students during ESY
    • Provide the list of eligible ESE students to school-based registrars to build ESY schedule
    • Review (date and initial) the Distance Learning Plan
    • Notify parents that services will be delivered in a remote learning environment
    • Compile a list of students that need access to Mental Health Therapists and/or School Psychologists and other Related Service Providers
    • Determine courses of enrollment


    • Attend training on June 2nd
    • Develop/continue relationships with each student on their caseload: Identify academic strengths, areas of need, hobbies, family needs, etc.
    • Create daily Personalized Academic Instruction lesson plans for each individual student
    • Connect with District Staff assigned to their site at least once per week; review data collection
    • Provide daily communication and instruction to students and support families in their efforts to help their child
    • Maintain ESE data collection sheet (reviewed by District staff)
    • Maintain a contact log documenting all communication and lessons (reviewed by site administrators)
    • Complete a narrative progress report and email it to the ESE liaison at the student’s school on Tuesday, June 30th
    • Submit ESE data collection sheet to the school registrar no later than Monday, June 29th

    Related Service Providers

    • Schedule office hours with each family and continue delivering direct instruction in a modality that is accessible to students and families
    • Complete daily timesheet for hours worked and submit to site administrator

    Social Worker

    • Assist in paper packet dissemination and delivery to homes
    • Assist families with needs: financial, educational, SEL, SOS, SEF, food, community referrals
    • Continue to complete social developmental history and rating scales
    • Update and submit all required Medicaid billing
    • Provide individual counseling to ESY students
    • Provide small group social skills instruction to ESY students

    TBD Once Student Eligibility Numbers are Confirmed