• Summer 2020 Boost: Personalized Academic Instruction

    High School Overview

    Summer 2020 Boost is high quality, personalized academic instructional support provided for students. This Personalized Academic Instruction opportunity is for high school students who have earned an Incomplete (“I”) during Remote Learning from April 6 – May 29, and seniors who need credits to graduate.

    Dates and Times 

    June 3 – June 30, 2020 (20 Days)

    June 3 Training & Transition Day - June 4 Contact with families & Teacher Planning – June 5 Contact with families and instruction begins

    Times: Flexible hours for teachers - 5 hours per day - (Instruction, Planning & Family Contact Time)

    Students: June 5 – June 30, 2020

    • Students in grades 9 – 12 who have Incompletes in a course(s) for quarter 4
    • Grade 12 students who are identified as “at-risk” for graduation

    Staffing for each school site

    Teachers (Ratio: 1:10-12): Each high school will work with District staff to determine the number of teachers based on the courses and the number of students with Incompletes in each course. If there is a need to offer a cross-district course because of low numbers in a specific course, then the school and District staff will work together to identify the teacher for this group.

    School administration to oversee implementation and monitoring of summer opportunity working with Curriculum Team as needed

    Support Staff

    • Social Worker, Home School Liaison or Guidance Counselor to address the social/emotional needs of our students
    • ESE and/or ESOL Paraprofessionals (preferred bilingual): number based upon need to support ESOL students/families
    • Curriculum Specialists to support on a rotating basis

    Advantages of a remote learning program

    • Risk of COVID 19 virus is eliminated
    • Elimination of transportation costs
    • Targeted, individualized support for at risk students with Incompletes and seniors needing credits to graduate
    • Allows schools time to adequately prepare for resuming face-to-face schooling in August

    Resources for Teachers and Administrators

    • ICAN Plan resources
    • APEX or Blackboard courses
    • Paper-based lessons
    • Inner Explorer for SEL Support (Guidance Counselors will work with students/families)

    General Framework for Daily Personalized Academic Instruction (5 hours)

    • Whole Group: 30 minutes
    • Small Group: 30 minutes per group (2 groups of 5 or 6) = 1 hour
    • One-on-one Instruction: 15 minutes per day/per student = 3 hours
    • Planning: 30 minutes/day

    Points to Consider 

    • Development of individualized tutoring plans to include goals and curriculum for Summer Boost will address learning gaps, and the following questions will be considered:
      • Was the student unsuccessful with online learning?
      • Did they partially complete work in Apex?
      • Was their work completed in a platform other than Apex – if so, what needs to be completed?
      • Did the student complete paper-based packets?
      • Is the student ESE? Will they need extended time?
    • Participating students will have a computer device and internet access (if possible)
    • District Curriculum Team will collaborate with teachers to develop learning resources and support online resources like Apex

    Roles and Responsibilities

    AP: Prior to Personalized Academic Instruction

    • Confirm list of targeted students
    • Reach out to families to confirm participation
      • Send a welcome letter to families
      • Outline remote learning opportunities for students
      • Update working phone numbers and addresses
    • Based on the response from families develop a “class list” of a ratio of up to 1:10-12 students for each course
    • Coordinate individualized plans for each student

    AP: Site Coordination During Personalized Academic Instruction

    • Be available to support students, parents, and teachers
    • Collect time sheet logs and submit to bookkeepers
    • Collect communication logs
    • Review progress monitoring and completion data
    • Assist with communication platforms
    • Collect timesheets from each contracted employee and submit to the bookkeeper

    Teachers: Personalized Academic Instructors

    • Develop a relationship with each student on their caseload: Identify academic strengths, areas of need, hobbies, family needs, etc.
    • Create daily Personalized Academic Instruction lesson plans for each individual student
    • Check in daily with the AP for continued support
    • Enter grades at the end of Summer Boost (directions TBD)
    • Complete daily timesheet for hours worked and submit to site administrator
    • General expectations:
      • Flexible hours (5 hours/day)
      • Virtual office hours
      • Student communication daily using Microsoft Office 365/TEAMS, phone, Zoom, email, etc.
        • Whole Group
        • Small Group
        • Individual instruction
      • Maintain a daily log of ongoing communication

    TBD Once Student Eligibility Numbers are Confirmed