• Summer 2020 Boost: Personalized Academic Instruction

    Elementary Overview

    Summer 2020 Boost is high quality, personalized academic instructional support provided for students currently in grades 2, 3, 4, & 5 who meet identified criteria equivalent to performing one or two grades below level and therefore were at risk of scoring a level 1 on FSA Reading and/or Math. Eligible students at each of the 24 Elementary School programs in Sarasota County will be invited to participate.

    Family Information Guide

    Dates and Times 

    June 3 – June 30, 2020 (20 Days)

    June 3 Training & Transition Day - June 4 Contact with families & Teacher Planning – June 5 Contact with families and instruction begins

    Times: Flexible hours for teachers - 5 hours per day - (Instruction, Planning & Family Contact Time)


    • Number of teachers assigned will be based upon need: Suggested ratio 1:10-12
    • 1 Intervention Lead Teacher to assist & support students and teachers with instructional design and monitoring of student engagement at each site
    • 1 Social Worker, Home School Liaison, or Guidance Counselor at each site to help address the social-emotional needs of our students
    • ESE and/or ESOL Paraprofessionals (preferred bilingual): number based upon need to support ESOL students/families
    • Community & Family Engagement Facilitator/Coordinator of Suncoast Summer Reading Challenge funded jointly between CFSC & SCSB

    Advantages of this remote learning program

    • Risk of COVID 19 virus is eliminated
    • Elimination of transportation, materials production & purchase costs
    • Targets at-risk students at ALL 24 Elementary Schools
    • Schools & teachers able to support their own students with whom they are familiar
    • Maintains a level of familiarity and engagement of students in continued Remote Learning Setting
    • Impacts students currently in grades 2, 3, 4, 5 (approximately 1500-2225 in reading and math)
    • Allows schools time to adequately prepare for resuming face-to-face schooling in August

    General Framework for Personalized Academic Instruction

    • Whole Group: 30 minutes
    • Small Group: 30 minutes per group (two groups of 5 or 6) = 1 hour
    • One-on-one Instruction: 15 minutes per day/per student = 3 hours
    • Planning: 30 minutes/day

    Points to Consider

    • Goals and curriculum for Summer Boost will address learning gaps
    • Criteria and iReady cut scores will determine eligible students
    • ALL students must have, or be provided, a computer device and internet access (if possible)
    • Participating students who were issued a district computer will keep it until end of June
    • District Curriculum Team will work with Site Administrators and selected teachers to collaborate to develop lessons and learning resources
    • Family engagement opportunities will be developed (in lieu of offering Parent University)

    Supplemental Components and Resources

    • ICAN Plan resources refined for “striving students”
    • Personalized Learning Plans developed for every student
    • Lesson plans/activities developed collaboratively by Elementary Curriculum & School Teams
    • Virtual field trips
    • Remote Arts Calendar available to all elementary students
    • Daily access to Inner Explorer (SEL curriculum for families) encouraged
    • Suncoast Summer Reading Challenge available to all participating elementary students

    Items to address

    • Curriculum Design
    • PR/Communications
    • Invitation Letter
    • ID Teachers
    • Computers/Hot Spots
    • SCSRC Details
    • Zoom into Reading
    • PM System

    Roles and Responsibilities
    Administrator Responsibilities

    • Confirm the list of a targeted students
    • Send a welcome letter to families
    • Call or email families to confirm participation
    • Update working phone numbers and addresses
    • Strategically develop a “class list” of a ratio of up to 1:10-12 students for each teacher
    • Provide families with a bag of school supplies and activities (Note: utilize materials developed for SLA 2019)
    • Identify teachers who will provide daily personalized academic instruction
    • Submit contracts for selected teachers to finance
    • Collect time sheet logs and submit to bookkeepers
    • Work with Elementary Curriculum Team and teachers to develop curriculum/activities for students
    • Initiate the creation and completion of the Personalized Learning Plans for each student
    • Outline remote learning opportunities for teachers & students
    • Assist teachers with daily schedules for remote learning
    • Review and utilize student data from iReady for development of individualized learning plans
    • Assist with communication platforms
    • Be a weekly guest on student Zoom meetings
    • · Be available to support students, parents and teachers
    • · Attend the virtual Blast Off on May 16 from 10:00 – 11:30 for the Suncoast Summer Reading Challenge
    • · Partner with the Patterson Foundation to implement Suncoast Summer Reading Challenge
    • · Collect timesheets from each contracted employee and submit to the bookkeeper


    • Develop a relationship with each student on their caseload: Identify academic strengths, areas of need, hobbies, family needs, etc.
    • Work with Administrator, Intervention Teacher and School Team members to personalize and share curriculum/activities for students
    • Create daily Personalized Academic Instruction lesson plans for each individual student
    • Maintain a daily contact log of ongoing communication
    • Encourage and support student participation in the Suncoast Summer Reading Challenge (Option to attend the virtual Blast Off for this program on May 16 from 10-11:30)
    • Maintain progress notes to share with teacher assigned in 2020-21 school year
    • Complete daily timesheet for hours worked and submit to site administrator
    • Office hours:
      • Monday – Friday (Instruction, Planning & Family Contact Time) hours are flexible
      • Have virtual office hours so that students and families can connect if they need support
      • Communicate with students daily: Microsoft Office 365/TEAMS, Dojo, Zoom, email, etc.
      • Provide individualized instructional time for each student daily
    • Virtual learning activities:
      • Zoom meetings with whole class and small groups of students
      • Read aloud and discuss stories with students\
      • Social-emotional learning activities and restorative circle
      • Teach mini reading and math lessons
      • Take students on virtual online learning experience
      • Include STEAM activities or suggest STEAM projects
      • Encourage journal writing
      • Provide brain breaks with whole class and small groups
      • Assign iReady for 45 minutes per week per subject


    TBD Once Student Eligibility Numbers are Confirmed