• Grading Q & A for Students and Families

    Please note:
    These grading and attendance guidelines reflect an understanding that remote learning is inherently different than face-to-face instruction.

    What should I do if I have concerns about the amount of communication my child had with their teacher(s)?
    You should contact the school, so the school can help make the appropriate connection.

    Where do I go to find my child’s grade?
    All teachers should be communicating students’ academic progress with students/families during remote learning.

    Elementary students will not receive individual grades on assignments, but teachers are communicating about participation. Middle and high school teachers have identified the platform for monitoring the academic progress of students. Some teachers may be using the online gradebook which is linked to the Parent Portal while others may be communicating through a learning management platform like Apex or Blackboard.

    Contact the teacher by email or call the school if you have questions about where to find your child’s academic progress during the remote learning period.

    Has the 20% employability that is included in high school course grades been removed during this period of remote learning?
    Given the unprecedented times, teachers have been encouraged to focus only on assigned work during this period of remote learning. Contact your child’s teacher(s) with specific questions.

    Can my child receive a grade in Quarter 4 that is lower than the grade they earned in Quarter 3?
    There may be circumstances where a teacher determines that grade earned by the student in Quarter 4 may be lower than the grade earned by the student in Quarter 3. The grade should not be lower than 70% for students who have remained active participants throughout the remote learning period.

    If a middle or high school student chooses not to participate in remote learning or does not complete their remote learning coursework, they will be at risk of receiving an Incomplete (“I”). A mark of “I” will need to be resolved to earn credit for the course. An unresolved “I” will result in a failing grade for Quarter 4 and may impact the student’s final grade for the course.

    Can an incomplete (“I”) be given for Quarter 4 if a middle or high school student has not completed work during the period of remote learning?
    Yes, if there has not been enough participation and successful completion of work by the child to justify the student earning at least 70%, then an “I” will be recorded for Quarter 4. This means that no credit will be issued for the course until the “I” is resolved. Seniors with an “I” will not be considered a graduate until the “I” is resolved.

    Students who have an “I” will have the opportunity to extend their learning experience into the summer remote learning experience with the goal of finishing the coursework for Quarter 4. An unresolved “I” will result in a failing grade for Quarter 4 and may impact the student’s final grade for the course.

    Please notify the teacher(s) or school if there are extenuating circumstances that prevented your child from participating in and completing assignments.

    What happens if the incomplete “I” has not been resolved?
    The teacher of record for the course will issue a grade for Quarter 4 that reflects what the student did do while engaged in remote learning. A failing grade will be entered for Quarter 4 if the student chose not to participate at all.