• Acceptable Use Policy For Computers, Networks, and Information Systems Technologies

    Computer and Network Guidelines

    The school district is providing access for staff and students to computers and electronic information services such as the Internet, electronic email, and calendar. 

    These services provide:

    • District electronic mail (Outlook/Exchange) with the ability to communicate within the district,
    • Global electronic mail (Outlook/Exchange) with the ability to communicate with people all over the world,
    • Information and news from many sources,
    • Public domain and shareware software of all types,
    • Discussion groups on a wide variety of topics, and
    • Access to many college and university libraries, and the Library of Congress. 

    The benefits for staff and students to such information access are obvious, but there are potential concerns. 

    These concerns include:

    • Utilizing email privileges for any personal or non-professional purposes including harming the reputation of another person;
    • Utilizing network resources to acquire material not considered to have educational value;
    • Using network resources for destructive purposes. 

    District staff will continue to have access to appropriate material. However, on a global network it is impossible to control all access. The district believes that the valuable information available on this worldwide network far outweighs the potential problems. It is the expectation that all users of this communication system demonstrate common politeness and courtesy. The following guidelines have been established by the School Board of Sarasota County. If any user violates any of these provisions, his or her access to electronic information services will be terminated. Willful violations will lead to disciplinary action, and if a criminal offense is committed, the user will be prosecuted per Florida Statute 815.04. 

    District Network User Policies

    Acceptable use of computers and electronic information services supports learning and teaching in Sarasota County.  

    Unacceptable use of computers and electronic information services includes:

    • Sending Electronic email which harms or injures the reputation of others;
    • Using network access to alter or destroy information belonging to others;
    • Profanity, obscenity, or other language which may be offensive to another user;
    • Copying or forwarding personal communications to others with malicious intent;
    • Copying software or other copyright protected material in violation of copyright law;
    • Using school board computers or the school district network for any illegal activity or for any private business purposes;
    • Spreading computer "viruses" deliberately, or by importing files from unknown sources;
    • Using any computer or program in a manner other than that which was intended;
    • Viewing, storage, or disbursement of pornographic material;
    • "Hacking" or gaining unauthorized access to district supported computer systems. 

    The person who has a network account is responsible at all times for its proper use. The school district has the right to review the contents of any and all email, and all other files created or stored on school district equipment. Users are therefore put on notice that they have no expectation of privacy when using school district computer equipment or network services. If you have any questions about the District's guidelines or procedures, please contact your school Principal or the Department of Technology and Information Services. 

    These rules have been posted to all users of the district email system. By accepting the Acceptable Use Guidelines form the user agrees to these policies and procedures. The network management accepts no responsibility for harm caused directly or indirectly.