• Suncoast Technical College

    Suncoast Technical College (STC) – Career Certificate Programs(CCP) or Licensure Programs



    Log into email through the student portal

    Reply to your teacher’s welcome communication to you to activate your required online course participation

    Review weekly overview of assignments, “office hours,” and links to recorded lessons.

    Review daily reminder of what should be done to stay on pace.

    Complete assignment(s) as instructed by the teacher and according to the Rubric

    Contact the teacher if help is needed. Ways to get help include:

    Participating in office hours

    Sending an email to request one-to-one support.


    INITIAL CONTACT:  Contact all students (email is typically easiest) to welcome them and provide

    • Course syllabus (web or document based) to include clear expectations for daily/weekly work
    • Instructions on how to access the course and materials (Blackboard, Teams, OneNote, etc.)
    • Assignment/project list, rubrics for each, due dates, resources (links, videos, etc. used)
    • Your contact information, and “office hours” (your hours of availability)

    DAILY:  Contact all students (email, Teams message, Blackboard post, etc.) with a reminder of the current daily expectations, due dates, rubric(s), and resources.

    • Be available during office hours
    • Be prepared to help students individually
    • Provide feedback and enter grades in Gradebook 

    WEEKLY: Develop or identify lessons aligned to your course curriculum and adjusted to students as needed (IEP, 504, etc.) and post to your chosen course communication format (Blackboard, Teams, OneNote, etc.).

    Contact all students (email, Teams message, Blackboard post, etc.) with a weekly overview to include learning objectives, expectations, assignment/project list, rubrics, due dates, and resources.

    • Provide feedback via chosen communication method 

    * Your teacher will establish the preferred method of communicating assignments.  This may be through email, Bb, Teams, or another communication system like Class Tag or Remind that was previously in use for your class communication.