• Pre-Kindergarten



    Log into email/weekly communication format** through the method established by the teacher.

    • Review weekly overview of assignments, “office hours,” and possible links to recorded lessons.
    • Review daily reminder of lesson focus and daily activities.

    Follow the weekly and daily schedule in place using a sample home schedule, adjust as needed for individual family needs.

    Contact the teacher if help is needed. Ways to get help include:

    • Participating in office hours
    • Sending an email to request one-to-one support

    Time Considerations: Approximately 15-30 minutes spent on an online/virtual learning program per day.

    Virtual Learning opportunities may be found on the Preschool Family Resource pages or as recommended by the Prekindergarten teacher in weekly plan.

    Conscious Discipline Book to Read to Your Child: Why Can’t I Go to School?

    Ensure families have a daily schedule in place.  Provide ESE PreK Families with a sample home schedule (Home schedule sample included below) See additional teacher examples below:

    Please remind families that remote learning looks different for each child and family. While a daily schedule may increase learning opportunity and promote consistency, the schedule may be adjusted to accommodate the family needs.

    1st Day Weekly:  At the start of each week share the weekly overview with students/families, including:

    • The weekly learning objective(s), daily schedules and learning “targets”
    • Inform families of your digital “Office Hours”
    • Disseminate possible link(s) to recorded lessons or virtual learning
    • Disseminate links to supplemental online resources that could be accessed by students FREE of charge
    • Disseminate PDF packets of daily work (i.e. paper worksheets – letters, numbers, coloring pages, writing practice, etc.)
    • Ensure families have FootSteps2Brilliance access and login information

    WEEKLY: Develop or Identify recorded lesson(s) aligned to assignments as neededVideos may be found online or created by the teacher. Consider creating a “virtual morning meeting/circle time” or offer virtual story time each day at a specific time.

    WEEKLY: Check in! Connect with individual families via email/phone – as possible.

    • Consider using Google Voice to acquire a phone number for this work.
    • Instructor presence will be key during this time. Your students WANT to see you as a steady presence in their life.

    WEEKLY: Provide paraprofessionals with explicit and specific daily focus including individual families to connect with daily throughout the week.

    DAILY:  Send a reminder of: weekly/daily lesson focus, encouragement for students/families, “office hours”

    Consider using TEAMS or a Zoom Link

    DAILY: Monitor students' progress and learning performance using family input. Parents may send videos or images of student work to use as assessment.

    DAILY:  Be prepared to help students and families in an individualized manner. 

    DAILY:  Adjusting accordingly, plan to enter appropriate progress monitoring data into ongoing “log” (i.e. Brigance Developmental Inventory) and based on input from the family.

    ** Teacher must keep ongoing lesson plans and logs related to ongoing communication throughout the week.


    *The District’s Excused Absence policy does not apply for Prekindergarten assignments. Rather, the district strongly encourages Prekindergarten families to focus on a consistent routine and daily activities that fosters both academic and social-emotional learning goals. Students may be assigned additional assignments by teachers.

    **Teachers will establish the preferred method of communicating assignments/weekly and daily schedules to families of prekindergarten students.  This may be through email, Bb, Teams, or another communication system like Class Tag or Remind that was previously in use for class communication.