• Getting Started

    Setting Up Your Classroom

    • Ensure that all your students have been rostered into the appropriate instruction resource(s).
    • Check to see that you have all the students’ current phone numbers.
    • Ensure you have a communication platform accessible to all your students (I.e., email, TEAMS, BLACKBOARD, REMIND, DOJO)
    • Review HOW TO CONNECT TO REMOTE LEARNING SUPPORT from this document to determine which digital platforms (i.e., i-Ready, APEX, etc.) will be necessary for your course/subject area. Ensure you have access to each resource.
    • Create “assignments” for students to complete, if applicable.

    Beginning the Course

    • Send an initial Welcome email OR CALL students and families to ensure they have the information readily available to begin the course (DOCUMENT YOUR INITIAL CONTACTS ON THE SCS FAMILY/STUDENT CHECK-IN LOG and all follow-up contacts on the EMPLOYEE CONTACT LOG)
    • Provide a review of expectations for assignments and submission policies for your course/subject area.
    • If you have created assignments in digital instructional resources, review your determined due dates to ensure they are correct and align to course/subject expectations.