• Welcome Letter: Staff

    To the most incredible staff ever assembled anywhere:

    In order to provide you, our children, and their families the most support during these very difficult days, a team of teachers, district and school leaders worked tirelessly on this SCS ICAN Plan: Instructional Continuity for Academic Needs.  We are so grateful for the masterful collaboration by a host of dedicated staff.

    As we worked on ICAN, our top priority was recognizing that these are extremely stressful days for everyone! We tried to balance the need to support our children’s learning opportunities with the fact that they and their families (and you) may be functioning at the lowest levels on Maslow’s hierarchy: physiological and safety needs.

    Although the document is long, as you review it you will find large sections on how to connect with our resources and a fabulous collection of additional resources for our children (and you) to have fun accessing. Many of these resources were gathered by some of our wonderful local Foundation partners! Please review the Staff Instructional Support and Guidelines first, then locate your assignments and responsibilities in the specific section dedicated to your work.

    You will also need to refer to your email from our Curriculum Directors on the specific trainings you will participate in virtually on March 30-31.  They will also provide a “soft roll-out” plan for April 1-3 as we all attempt to contact families and ensure our children have access to the internet and digital devices.

    All kindergarten and first grade work will be delivered to schools as paper packets.  These children will have the option of choosing to participate in the online resources instead, but this is not an expectation. If we continue Remote Learning past April 15th, classroom teachers will collaborate with families on the best choice for their child and provide the necessary materials.  Please understand that it may be necessary for teachers at all levels to create paper-based lessons in cases where it is impossible for the child to access online lessons.

    We expect to be faced with challenging circumstances as we try to do our best to deliver instruction in new ways to our children. Remember, at some point we will all be back in our buildings and we work hard to fill in any learning gaps. We will all remain patient and flexible as we problem-solve each individual situation. Now, more than ever is when we prove we will support every child, every day, whatever it takes.

    With love and gratitude (and compassion and grace),

    From a fearless team of dedicated staff too numerous to list