Departments - MATH

  • The math department provides a rigorous learning experience for scholars through opportunities for collaborative learning,TI Calculators  hands-on and technology-based discovery and critical thinking.

    Technology Integration & 21st Century Skills

    Teachers have the flexibility to utilize teaching styles and tools that best fit the needs of our scholars  Some examples are:

    • i-Ready for individualized lessons.
    • for remediation, practice and self-assessment of skills.
    • OneNote for lesson delivery, notes and portfolios.
    • Teacher websites for resources, reinforcing skills and communication.
    • Hands-on learning experiences including 3D printing and design.
    • Collaborative learning through accountable team tasks.

    Courses Offered

    • Course 1 (6th Grade)
    • Course 1 Advanced (6th Grade)
    • Course 2 (7th Grade)
    • Course 2 Advanced (6 & 7th grade)
    • Pre-Algebra (8th Grade)

    High School Credit Courses:

    • Algebra I Honors and 1A/1B
    • Geometry Honors

    Math Teacher's Websites: