Dress Code Expectations

  • The LNS dress code expectations are that students be clean, neatly dressed, and well-groomed always. Distracting styles and provocative grooming interfere with our focus on learning. Our goal is to promote quality education and behavior acceptable to a working environment.


    Clothing, jewelry, etc. which display alcoholic products, tobacco products, narcotics, drugs or marijuana are prohibited. Clothing, jewelry etc. with obscenities or swear words, either expressed or implied are prohibited. Clothing that suggests sexual activity or innuendo, or gang ssociated words or symbols, or supports discrimination based on age, color, disability, national origin, marital status, race, sex, sexual persuasion or religion are prohibited. Example: Confederate Flag Items of clothing or other apparel which depict weapons used or displayed in unlawful, violent or threatening manner are prohibited. Clothing, jewelry, etc. which have symbols relating to the above are prohibited.


    It is the responsibility of each student to dress according to the dress code. We seek parent support and monitoring of student’s daily dress. Staff members make every effort for consistent enforcement. To avoid loss of class time, students who do not come to school adhering to the dress code guidelines will be sent to the clinic and required to change into school-provided clothes to wear for the day. A form will be sent with student for each teacher to sign. Student must take form home to be signed by parent/guardian and returned to the clinic the next day; at which time, clothing will be returned to student. A student who continually wears inappropriate clothing to school is subject to further disciplinary action.


    Clothing shall be worn as designed: pants secured at the waist/hips, belt buckled, suspenders over the shoulder, no underwear a outerwear, no underwear exposed. Clothing that is too tight or revealing when standing, bending, sitting, or moving is strictly prohibited. Safety pins are not allowed.


    Shorts and skirts are acceptable except for short shorts and skirts that are less than fingertip length (whe arms at your sides). Must be waist fitted and worn to prevent slipping to hip level and must be worn so that the entire waistband is above the top of the hipbone. All belts must be worn snugly to prevent sagging and revealing skin and/or midriff. THERE CANNOT BE HOLES OR TEARS IN JEANS ABOVE THE KNEES.


    These clothing items are not allowed unless the student is wearing a skirt, shirt or shorts that are at least fingertip length (when arms at your sides) over the top.


    Halter-tops, strapless tops, mesh tops, cutoff shirts, spaghetti straps, backless shirt, and sundresses may not be worn. No skin shall be visible between the blouse or shirt and the item covering the lower body. Overall straps must both be fastened over the shoulders always and “sagging” of pants is not allowed. Straps over shoulders and tank tops must be at least the width of three (3) fingers. SHEER FABRIC IS ONLY ACCEPTABLE WHEN GARMENTS UNDERNEATH ARE DRESS CODE APPROPRIATE.


    Students are not allowed to dye hair non-natural hair colors as this may distract students from maintaining a focus on academic achievement.


    Shoes with open backs are prohibited (slides, slippers, sandals, and flip flops, etc.) No sound or light emitting devices attached to shoes will be permitted. Shoes with attached wheels are prohibited.


    Caps, hair picks, scarves, sunglasses and bandannas are prohibited on campus and buses.


    Pajamas are prohibited.


    Armholes or neck openings should not be overly large. Armholes that hang down and expose the torso or undergarments are prohibited. Necklines of all upper garments must be modest. Low cut necklines are prohibited.


    Jewelry and accessories that pose a safety concern for the student or others are prohibited. Dog collars, spiked piercings, wallet chains, large hair picks or chains that connect one part of the body to another are prohibited.