Gulf Gate PTO


    President: Allison Summerour                  

    Vice Presidents:  Heather Gomez

    Secretary: Kerri Deatherage

    Treasurer: Angel Rodriguez

    Business Partners: Cara Hunter 

    Volunter Coordinator : Heather Fassett

    General PTO Email:


    We are a not-for-profit organization that includes Gulf Gate parents and teachers.  The goal of our PTO is to enrich the lives of the students that attend Gulf Gate Elementary both now and in the future.  PTO tries to achieve this goal through two annual fundraisers:


    This year our staff and students will be selling Otis Spunkmeyer treats that can be stored at home in the freezer and used throughout the year.  Believe us when we say this stuff is awesome and comes in handy whenever play dates pop up or company comes to town!


    This annual event is one in which the entire student body, teachers, and many parents are involved in. After getting sponsors, our students run laps outside on our track to raise money for our school. Not only is the event exciting and fun, it's a great way for our children to learn about the joys of being outside and exercising!

    These three events along with your membership, all raise funds that go toward the following:

    • Field Trips—Our PTO pays for the transportation for student use for field trips. This is a huge endeavor as transportation costs have skyrocketed over the past few years.  Without this support, our students would no longer have the opportunity to visit and learn about our area.
    • Agenda Books—every child in grades 1-5 is given an agenda book at the beginning of the school year. This tool allows daily communication between home and school and assists our students in learning about organization—a true life skill!
    • Scholarships—our PTO assists families who cannot pay for their child to attend field trips.
    • Teacher Enhancements--the PTO generously gives each classroom teacher $75.00 at the beginning of the school year to purchase items such as classroom supplies, snacks for students, etc.

    The PTO then uses remaining funds for a school-wide initiative.  In the past, this has included additional computers, sunshades for our playgrounds and active votes for every classroom.  The past two years the PTO has purchased additional playground equipment, allowing us to add another playground area on the south side of the building.  This playground is enjoyed by every student throughout the school year!

    Our PTO also has several FAMILY FUN EVENTS!!!  These events are NOT fundraisers, but are events that you can bring the entire family to!  Family events include the Welcome Back Dinner, Family Bingo Nights, and our famous “Family Movie Nights” that are held out on the front lawn of the school!  These events truly bring a sense of community within our school.

    PTO meetings are generally held on the first Thursday of every month.  Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings that are held in our Media Center.  The PTO would like to encourage all families to attend as new faces and new ideas are always welcome!  Please check out the PTO facebook page to stay up to date on PTO events and volunteer opportunities.

    By supporting the Gulf Gate PTO, you are making a difference in EVERY student’s life!

    We are looking forward to meeting you!!

    The Gulf Gate PTO